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    I don't know if someone already corrected that, but the 2% crit damage racial is actually a 204% multiplier on crits according to celestalon. So, 25% crit to dwarf beat blood elves and worgens.
    Yeah, we established that. I was oversimplifying it. The correct number is 25%.

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    Honestly I don't see those crit damage% racials going live (tauren and dwarf, isn't it?). Too much trouble (scaling and balance issues).

    Also, maybe its too early to tell, but I don't see how Blizz will untie some specs (i.e. warrior and fire mages) from crit.

    Maybe an overhaul??? Doubtful.

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    There's a chance I'm maining a fire mage come WoD, but there's still no way in hell I'd roll a blood elf (except Paladin because I have no choice).
    Rolling a Goblin instead; 1% haste and a 2m 'blink' is cool, but ultimately male Goblin's offensive cast animation is badass.

    In other words, I couldn't care less about minmaxing via racial skills.

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    I'm staying BE irrespective of the racials. There aren't really any other Horde races that appeal to me in the game. And even humans and NE are second and third place on my list respectively.
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