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    I've always used a DK. Don't know why, but it's just something I've always done.
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    Druid. Tauren picks herbs faster and Nelf can shadowmeld+fly away if you happen to aggro.

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    Rogue PvP Geared is my gatherer...

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    Nelf druid with foragers gloves

    I just like like Smeld for whenever I get aggro

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    The best is actually either a tauren pala/dk with the Sky Golem, as you move 20% quicker as either of these classes, loot herbs the quickest as tauren, and with a Sky Golem you are no longer dismounted when herbing.

    However, with no sky golem it would be a tauren druid.

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    You can basically use any class just pick yourself up a pair of forager's gloves from Korda in Kun-lai and get yourself a sky golem - fast herbing, no dismount

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