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    Returning Resto Druid.

    Hey guys,

    I've recently returned to WoW, previously a world Top 100 25 man resto druid. I'm really into my theorycrafting and such but I haven't played properly in a long time. So I have a couple of questions. Obviously I'm going to be spamming LFR for gear and eventually get that stupid legendary cloak BUT... What are the current stat priorities for resto druids? I'm assuming haste is still #1 with mastery #2? Last time I played we were at the 2005 haste cap so I'm just looking for that kind of information.

    In this kind of form

    Haste to 2005 > Mastery reforging
    Int gemming

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    As pekoe said, take a look at the resto druid guide and then click any one of the "resto druid 13k break point halp" threads and you'll get everything you need to know for stat priorities.
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    A former top 100 25 man resto who is into theorycrafting can't find stat priorities? Weird.

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    1. Check the stickied guide.
    2. Check any of the million threads about the 13163 haste breakpoint. The answers are always the same.
    3. Ignore all the hundreds of threads about spirit and just aim for about 12k.
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