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    whats with the long maintenance today!!!

    Anything going in today that i wasn't aware of? servers down till 2:00 EST. Just wondering why the long maintenance

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    Maintenance has traditionally been until 2:00 EST (every Tuesday). I take it as a gift when maintenance has been short like these past weeks. Perhaps they decided that it has been too long since a longer maintenance or they have something specific in mind.

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    Oh...all those ! in the title suggested you knew the reason...

    All I can say is, it's probably needed. They've been having a lot of issues with connection stability as of late.
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    Because it's Tuesday and it's been like this almost every Tuesday since the release of WoW?

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    Yeah, we got a bit spoiled with the 'restart' maintenance days of late. Do hope that honor change goes in today though.
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    Pretty sure they have always been up between 1:30 est and 2 est on typical maintenance days... if we are lucky they are up way earlier.

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    Normal maintenance is customarily from 5 PST to 11 PST. However, server connections are adding additional tasks during down times as they work on continuing issues popping up as a result of those connections.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotty823j View Post
    Anything going in today that i wasn't aware of? servers down till 2:00 EST. Just wondering why the long maintenance
    3am - 11am PST is 8 hours.

    Sounds about normal. Might be time to find an additional hobby or activity.

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    I almost forgot this feeling... man, sometimes I really miss the times where I could play so much, that server maintenance could actually be an annoying issue during my week

    OT: I would tell you to try to chill out about it, but I think all the US servers are up by now, so just enjoy

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