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    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer View Post
    yeh maximum character potential is when it's not at maximum level? lol, my level 90 in 578.5 gear is up for stomping any twinks(at their maximum potential lolol)
    Yes its called enchants scale with leveling and looms

    p.s we arnt talking about your level 90 getting carried by pve gear and this is a pvp thread not pve so your point is not valid
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldhearth View Post
    Twinking was only fun for the people who twinked. A very small percentage of players.

    Therefore, a majority of players were not having fun.

    Blizzard solved the problem by putting XP in BGs and allowing XP-off players to have their own BGs.

    Twinks cried out and protested, "We don't want to roll over levelers, we just want a challenge." Well, they gave you what you wanted, and your XP-off BGs are a testament to your playstyle. DEAD. If twinking was anywhere near popular, you'd get games. You don't. It's laughable.

    Keep crying. I love the twink tears and putting XP in leveling BGs was the best thing Blizz ever did.

    Once the twinks couldn't roll over levelers anymore, the whole "fad" died out. GG.
    Sorry my friend but Blizzard may have "solved" it initially but either they had a change or heart or once again over looked PvP implications involving their decisions.

    Sure we gain experience but with a whole wardrobe of heirlooms what does it even matter. Now that enchants scale with level, in which blizzard decided pre-60 to just say fuck it and stick with a static # based on a level 60 character, players are even more overpowered then ever at low levels(I like the idea of scaled enchants but not in their decision to just not give a shit about anything pre-60).

    I enjoy playing in the high level and low level PvP brackets for different reasons. I enjoy the complexity(to a certain extent, it has gotten a little out of hand) of max level PvP as it is a good way to become familiar with all of your abilities if you are interested in succeeding. Low level PvP gives me that vanilla feeling where I barely had any abilities and had to maximize what I had.

    It takes me approximately 30 minutes(depends on starting zone) to get a character to level 10 with full heirlooms and bracer,glove & boot enchants(usually haste). I can level through this entire bracket facing a combination of trial accounts(limited gear), normal accounts with some heirlooms or people fully twinked out over the course of a day.

    Generally games in the 10-14 are pretty exciting and pretty quick because both sides usually have a handful of each of the above mentioned gear variances. Sure some matches are completely lopsided but many of the twinks in these brackets switch between horde and alliance. Personally there is nothing fun about GY camping the other team in Warsong or AB, I want to at least feel like there was some kind of challenge.

    So I gain experience, reach level 15, now I'm in a new bracket. Usually I keep PvPing until I reach 20-30 and then I fire up a new class and start all over because it only takes me 30 minutes of grinding mobs which I'm usually 1-2 shotting depending on the class. Unless it's that BG's weekend I can stay in the 10-14 bracket usually all day unless we win every single game, which doesn't happen very often.

    It really feels like chess when you get a balanced battleground because you have your pawns(trial accounts), knights and bishops(couple of heirlooms), rooks(full heirloom w/o enchants), & Queens(fully enchanted).

    Of course there are people who just want to run around 1 shotting trial accounts for some kind of ego boost and that sucks but if both sides have a relatively balanced combination of the above roles then that changes the pace entirely. I've seen many trial accounts adapt to the fact that they can't do a ton of damage and instead start maximizing their other abilities(albeit limited) while weaving in damage which is huge especially when taking down a healer.

    I've had many thrilling matches twinking the 10-14,15-19 and 20-24 brackets with even the lowest gear players doing what they can to hold their weight. I personally find that more players utilize team work more effectively in this bracket because leveling or playing it is a choice and everything you gain from this choice you can gain much more in another avenue(Questing/Dungeons).

    Did I mention that there are pretty much no bots either which is awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noomz View Post
    Are you really acting cocky and superior over twinking? There is no challenge in it. We all hated facing twinks. It was just another way for someone to steamroll people without a chance, like bringing a firearm to a swordfight.
    He's completely right. Try to post constructively instead of just insulting people. It really just shows your own ignorance.
    Neither one actually, I was merely poking fun at him, the post was clearly full of hatred and bitterness for twinks and his perception that twinking is dead.

    As for there's no challenge in it. maybe before XP off brackets, but geared twink vs geared twink in XP off brackets? Try a few 70's XP off battlegrounds then pass judgement of how it is now, rather how it was when you were in levelling BG's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drayarr View Post
    Twinking is like going back to school when you are 30, just to be smarter than the other kids.
    This! So Much This!


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