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    Mage gear think its .0001% chance to drop

    I am wondering if I'm the only one with this problem of not seeing anything drop that I need for weeks. My guild is small still stuck on spoils 10man but really need a neck piece. I have ran the flex's and 10man for a long time still have not seen a neck drop or weapon. Just wondering if Blizzard has it out for me.

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    well neck's there is only 2 of them a mage can use, blizzard didn't feel kind enough to put in a spirit/hit free neck this tier.

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    Our tank just got a neckpiece from Heroic Iron Juggernaut after having had a 522 for this entire patch, and clearing SoO every week since the 2nd week of SoO.

    RNG is RNG sorry brah.

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    I've had bad luck with trinkets on 3 toons, every week I coin normal and flex for trinkets on 2 toons, ele shaman and mage... nothing. Ever.

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    You should come with my guild, we could have completely geared 10+ clothies by now .

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    We get 1-2 daggers a week, we have no Rogues. We get quite a few int plate drops, we have no holy paladin.

    We get 1 cloth drop for each heroic boss we kill, all 3 of our cloth wearers always have those pieces though so we always disenchant those.

    We don't get weapons, we don't get agi trinkets.

    Random is random.

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    Bad RNG is always but
    While at topic of RNG, 15 Garrosh normal kills, 1 heirloom, others in my raid got 6

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    Killed Sha heroic since week 3 or 4, no healing trinket yet. RNG sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frolk View Post
    Bad RNG is always but
    While at topic of RNG, 15 Garrosh normal kills, 1 heirloom, others in my raid got 6
    Wow, wth. I have 2 heirlooms (not counting my 2 flex heirlooms too), another guy in our raiding group has 2 aswell, 2-3 people with 1 and the rest 0. Have had Garrosh on farm since week 2.
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    I've been doing flex on my mage since late December and I haven't had any rings, trinkets, necks, bracers or tier drop from flex up until last week.
    Got tier shoulders and a neck on the weekend, and then finally got the two tier pieces from cele today.

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    I feel your pain, I got to 7/14H in SoO using TWO 522 ToT trinkets before lady luck gifted me with a heroic warforged immerseus trinket.

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    25 Flex Immersius kills
    4 Normal Immersius kills
    7 Heroic Immersius kills

    All Normal and Heroic kills coined.
    Somewhere between 15-20 Flex kills coined.

    I am still using LFR version of PBoI.

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    Hihi. This is actualy the sort of "punishment" for runing in smaller group than intended. I was raiding 10 man since Firelands was released. That feeling you described was there every freaking tier... that certain piece of gear that just refuse to drop, or even worse - it drop only one freaking time and you dont have the prio/dkp for it :X

    But after my guild decided to go 25 man in the end of ToT (no mergings to avoid internal dramas, just the good ol recruiting) i feel reborn! No more mythic weapons or trinkets! And even better - you can wait for it to drop warforged x)
    On a serious note i woun't raid 10 man ever again

    P.S. but also i agree with that general opinnion - "Ar En Gi is a btch!" - even tho we are raiding 25 man so far in the tier the healing trinket from sha droped for second! time yesterday and the cloth boots from galakras droped also for the second! time. I think only two people coined the healing trinket and both of them were hc wf ones and hte funny part is that the second coined trinket was for one of our dpsers offspec x) and noone ever coined the boots from galakras. Also i want to mention that these 2 specifici items also never did drop on normal too while we were at it. So yeah "Ar En Gi is a btch!"
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    I got heroic Purified Bindings of Immerseus the first time I showed up in a raid and my second trinket is normal thunderforged Breath of the Hydra
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    i myself have had good drops. having 60% of my gear from rolls. saving them purely for bosses where atleast one item is BiS.

    the healing trinket from Sha on the other hand. From the day it was released and till last week we've had NO healing trinket dropping. norm/hc, no matter, we've had ONE and it was last week. Rng is a motherfucker sadly

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    I got regular purified bindings on our first kill of immerseus and heroic on our first heroic kill
    Luck's just luck

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    Coined HWF Immerseus trinket, HWF Toxic Totem and Heroic neck off Norushen all last night. Pretty good RNG there but terrible for the beginning of the tier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mauro View Post
    25 Flex Immersius kills
    4 Normal Immersius kills
    7 Heroic Immersius kills

    All Normal and Heroic kills coined.
    Somewhere between 15-20 Flex kills coined.

    I am still using LFR version of PBoI.
    Hang in there buddy! My raid group did something like 20+ N Immerseus kills with only 1 PBoI dropping but then we switched to to H Immerseus and in the last 3 weeks we've seen 4 H PBoI drops (one actually went to an OS roll). When it rains, it pours!

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    I should have whined before
    Yesterday evening after I whined here (and got my usual gold on Wednesday HC Immersius) I went to try my luck on Flex again and BING - PBoI Flex dropped straight without even need to roll coin
    Now I can finally uninstall oQueue.

    I will come here next Wednesday to whine before we go to next HC reset.
    Look like it work

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    Step aside, folks. I did ToC 25 every single lockout up to Cataclysm release since ToC Patch release on my 6 chars. I've never seen tanking trinket from FC.

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    20 Immerseus HC Kills - 0 Trinkets.
    34 Immerseus HC Kills - 2 HC WF PBoI.

    Luck changes quickly
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