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    Challenge Dungeon Runs: Silver - Need for mount!!

    Anyone out there still need the Pandarian Pheonix mount? I do!

    I'm on realm Ravenholdt under character name Rhaeka (Monk WindWalker) or Battlenet RogueTomboy#2172.

    It's very important to me and I'd really appreciate the help (on a dead server).

    I'm good for anytime of day or day (except this Thursday - I have a client lunch at 1130 Mountain Time).

    Please please please help!

    Thank you <3

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    To clearify, you should prolly write that you are from the U.S., not everyone understand "Mountain Time"

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    You should try this thread first - http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...evement-Groups

    If unsuccessful openraid is the best place to be honest. Just don't expect to be boosted, although some people to spam the chat giving away boosts.

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