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    Looks like how I played it when it came out. :C

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    God I remember back in BC, playing on the lowest graphic settings as possible. It was awful. Then one day, on daily isle as we use to call it, I found a time when there was hardly any people, stood still and turned up all the graphic settings just to see what it would look like. Oh boy, did it open my eyes to the beauty of warcraft! From that moment on, I set out to get a better graphics card. But it wasn't really until Cata when I could run everything on high.

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    well i was expecting worse.

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    Why is 640x480 even still an option?

    I bought my first PC in '91, and have NEVER used a resulution lower than 1024x768...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    Why is 640x480 even still an option?
    Some people still play games on toasters and microwaves, no idea why, but they do.

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    I'm not sure it's still an option in WoW, lowest I can choose is 720x576.

    Why didn't we get any real screenshots of 640x480 Oh well, zooming out to 50% does the same.

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    Oh boo hoo. I play 1378x688 or whatever that res is on all low settings besides particle density on good because right now I can't justify spending 1k or more on a fancy gaming setup. I've been playing on low since 2008 and it works fine for me.

    This kinda pisses me off because it's like "oh I game on high settings all the time so I'm just gonna amuse myself by looking at the graphics all the bottom feeders play with".

    Maybe I'm just secretly super jelly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamber View Post
    aye, I meant 3DS, and only in the sense that you have unsmooth edges. Yea, some are low on polygon count. but others have good videos sequences.
    The 3DS is a fair bit more smooth. However, it looks a lot like the original DS's 3D games like Metroid Prime: Hunters.

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    So..if you had a really decent gaming rig and ran the game on these settings, would it be any "faster"?

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    Depending on how decent your system was, no, as you'd be running frame cap. Lowering some settings can help you see things though.

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    You mean minecraft
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    You know, it's really not all that awful. Not ideal, but surprisingly less awful than I would've thought.

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    Reminds me of 25 man raiding in Wrath with 4 fps.

    When i got a better PC, I found it hard to adjust for a couple of months (the built-in lag factored into my rotations, lol).

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    Doesn't look all that bad to be honest. It's certainly playable(if you get at least 30-40fps).

    But it's WoW's aesthetic that helps out the most here. If the aesthetic was more realistic then It would look 10 times worse and not be playable.

    Get rid of those jaggies and it'd look just like it would on a lot of peoples PC's back in vanilla/BC.

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    Old game is old. Just goes to show you that they should totally revamp the game in a WoW2 fast to keep up with the advanced graphics of other AAA games out there today.
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    I've seen worse. My REALLY old PC should not have even been able to run WoW. Somehow it did, but it ran like shit. I upgraded that one around the time BC came out.

    But yeah....I upgraded from THAT PC near the end of Cataclysm. I'd been playing with all the graphics settings as low as they could go. After I built the new PC, I cranked everything up to Ultra and enabled "unnecessary" stuff that I'd had completely disabled (shadows, etc). It felt like I was playing a new game. I probably spent an hour just flying around in Outland and thinking about how awesome it looked.

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    Looks almost identical to how WoW looked on an ex girlfriends really shitty laptop back in TBC.

    Inc, WoW for iPhone!

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    Eeeeewh, it looks horrible.

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