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    Explosive and Black Arrow are key parts of the standard rotation that you have to actively manage by having resources, using it correctly on cooldown, and keeping the DoT up.

    There's nothing to manage with Stampede though. You press it every 5 minutes (reduced with AoC) and move on with your life until it comes up again 5 minutes later. No interactivity required.
    I mean, my stampede comes up when Thok is running 500% during a fixate but I guess I should pop it on cd.

    The beautiful thing about longer cool downs is that, as long as you aren't losing one over the course of the fight, lining it up with procs is good game play. I line mine up with assurance EVERY time. And because it uses actual physical pets and isn't just a debuff on the boss, I don't use it when e.g. Thok is running around like a madman.

    Granted it isn't as compelling as it was, but it's still compelling.

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    Although im not a hunter (yet) I would like to point out that, like others have that, snipe becomes focusing shot, bola shot becomes flaming shots, and with or without you includes versatility in the tool tip.

    Im assuming Flaming shots will be good for survival, focusing shot for MM, and the last one for all 3 depending on your preference

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    stampede was pretty cool in wcIII but in wow... not so much.

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    Removing Lynx Rush is more than a good idea imo.
    So far the only button I'm really missing from the button cut will be scatter shot.

    Making Stampede a talent is fine too imo. I found stampede to be extremely underwhelming in all honesty. Picking between a DoT, my pet hitting harder, or a bunch of pets on a 5 minute CD though... I see AmoC being the biggest for SV/MM as I imagine most people will run Versatility. Blink strikes will probably remain the best talent for BM. This means that stampede will just be too long of a CD for the damage it gives. It will need some sort of buff to be worth speccing.

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    I'm glad stampede is becoming a talent.

    Really don't like that spell.

    I also like all 3 100 talents, only class where I do.

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