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    Setting up for shadowdance

    I honestly dont know how to setup a shadowdance.

    I do the usual opener on someone with shadowblades most of the time but with shadowdance i dont know what im doing.

    When you open up on someone you do either garrote or cheapshot. Now at this point DRs are set in and shadowdance with a 3sec kidney seems pointless doesn't it? Anyone with a clue knows to do whatever it takes to stop a shadowdanced rogue.

    Or am i doing it wrong? First thing am i meant to activate shadowdance then combo point build up with ambush then kidney and then burst?

    What about when it comes to casters?

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    While in-game, press escape, then log out, delete your rogue and boost a warrior to 90.

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    All I do is wiiiiiiiiiin

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    Garotte and/or CS, then ambush til something runs out, either shadowdance, energy or the enemy out of your range. It can be feasable to do a 3sec kidney if your target is low on health and you want to finish. The most important thing is that PvP has no rotations, only recommendations and human controlled enemies. Practice and adapt.

    And never forget: I suck at pvp.
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    I almost always CS when i Dance. I use prey on the week and in thug/RMD a lot of the time, all they need is my 3 stuns (Cheap Shot x3) to score a kill.

    So for Dance there's 2 things i do, Max control and Max Damage.

    Max Control starts with Cheap shot (Or Garrote, Cheap Shot if Shaman/Paladin/Mage as they can 40% wall my damage or blink unless silenced)
    Then Cheap shot again after it fades, and CHeap shot one more time, Eviscerate out.

    Max Damage starts with Cheap shot as well (Assuming you already have a bleed up, you dont have to rupture/hemo)
    Then I Ambush, Eviscerate, MFD Eviscerate, Ambush, Premed, Eviscerate- Ambush out some more.

    It's all about getting as many Ambush/Eviscerates off as I can in dance when im trying to burst.

    Or Locking a target down for as long as i can when im trying to Control.

    Figured i would toss this in here, It's a good basic information talking about "How" To deal the dick.
    Sativ on Youtube: Informational Guides and PvP Tips for Rogues!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sthings View Post
    While in-game, press escape, then log out, delete your rogue and boost a warrior to 90.

    infracted: trolling
    Ahaha he's right though. Rogue is the only class in the game that requires any meaningful setup to do burst.

    Checklist before you dance:

    -you aren't too easily CC'd or disarmed (don't dance while a warrior is going mongo behind you, or a rogue). Don't dance while a mage is free to cast and your healer is stuck in CC. You basically want the other DPS opponent to be in CC when you dance, if you're dancing on a DPS.
    -Make sure you pool energy. Dancing with zero energy is worthless unless you absolutely have to peel defensively. If you want to ignore your resources completely, play a mana class or a warrior.
    -Make sure a bleed is up. Don't waste a global putting up SV after you dance if you can avoid it.
    -Make sure kidney is off cooldown. Yes it's only 3 seconds but in the current state of the game a mage, warlock or hunter can 100-0 someone in a rogue stunlock.
    -It's more important not to waste energy than it is to waste combo points. You should aim to be energy starved by the end of the dance, dont hold off on globals just because you're worried about wasting combo points.

    A lot of rogues dance at the start of games because typically with a good opener you will be 3v2 or 3v1 for a few seconds, plus you have a guaranteed trinket proc.

    Hope this helps. If it's too much, just play a warrior.

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