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    How good was MOP?

    What do you guys think about mop, 1-10?

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    I give it a 7.5

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    7-8 overall

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    it was a solid 8/10

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    I'd give it an 8/10, definitely my favorite expansion by far.

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    8/10. Better than Cataclysm (6/10), better than WotLK in some parts (7/10 though T8 and T10 were some of the coolest raids ever), almost as good as BC (9/10) and Classic (8.5/10). No, I'm not saying that they should go back to those, I'm a firm believer of moving forward. I think WoD will be awesome.

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    Overall? A 4, if we're comparing to other expansions. Better than Cataclysm's End (1) but worse than Cataclysm's Start (7.5) [Overall, I give Cataclysm a 5.5 if I can't split the End and Start]. Significantly worse than LK (9), BC (9), and worse than Vanilla (6)

    I just really disliked this expansion. It's the only one that actually pushed me enough to quit (last December, so no, I got the full experience of Pandaland; more than enough to critique it)
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    The best expansion yet. And this is coming from someone who quit wow out of boredom in mop. No expansion before has ever been this polished.
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    From solely an end-game raider's pov, it was good.

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    8/10. One of best expansions yet. I take two points off for the Pandaren, Pandaria, and the theme of the expansion. I am an avid student of Chinese philosophy and culture, and it didn't even catch my attention. I could imagine what it would be like for people with no interest in it.

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    5/10. Bad start. Good ending. I disliked the whole Chinese theme and siding by pandas. Most of my friends left so that totally left me burned out for most of the expac.
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    A nice 9/10. It had a good few negatives but was still pretty good imo.

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    I've played since the game came out.

    Mists of Pandaria (6/10) [If I didn't enjoy PvP so much, and if this expansion hadn't ruined it, it'd be at least an 8.]
    Cataclysm (5/10) [It felt more like a patch rather than an expansion. New 1-60 quests ruined the timeline consistency.]
    Wrath of the Lich King (9/10) [The epitome of World of Warcraft, everything about it was amazing aside from small quality of life issues.]
    Burning Crusade (7.5/10) [Second only to Wrath of the Lich King, another great era for World of Warcraft. Minus points for introducing flying.]
    Vanilla (5/10) [On par with Cataclysm only because of its inherent lack of system quality. Would be higher than Mists of Pandaria if that weren't the case.]

    I feel as if Warlords of Draenor will be somewhere in the middle of Wrath of the Lich King and Burning Crusade. In terms of lore, I've always wanted to be able to see the old Warlords and from what I've seen the overhaul in graphics and gameplay simply from trailers already gives it a higher mark than Mists of Pandaria. I've never been more excited for an expansion since Wrath of the Lich King was about to be released. I'd say I even foresaw this expansion coming. Many years ago, when the Caverns of Time first opened I supposed there be a Shattrath raid, or one of the like. Something that would let us experience the battle of Draenor much more clearly but instead we get an entire expansion!

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    TBC: 9,9/10
    WotLK: 3/10
    Cata: 7/10
    MoP: 4/10
    Fact (because I say so): TBC > Cata > Legion > MoP > WoD = WotLK

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    I would give MoP a 6 since Im still not over those bouncy pandas.

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    I'd grade it out around 5.

    Here's the problem with Pandaland, it never had that strong of villians, they were boring and lacked the Warcraft appeal. Obviously, that's why Blizzard is rushing to bring back old characters because they know that Warcraft is built around it's characters. They tried building Garrosh up and I was fine with him for the most part but his setting was all wrong, to me his role would've been infinitely better in the next expansion. I do believe Siege was the saving grace as far as raiding goes, I know Lei'Shen was tuned great, but nothing about Mogu's was exciting at all to me.

    I know Metzen said and I'm paraphrasing that they wished they hadn't burnt through all their big baddies to fast. I mean lets face it, World of Warcraft gained a lot of traction because of The Frozen Throne. I'm not sure releasing Wrath as early as they did was the smartest decision, I believe that a lot people viewed Arthas as the end boss to WoW. His story was so compelling and it was a very strong story that a lot players gravitated to because of Warcraft 3.

    Cata had better lore but it was executed poorly, I found Deathwing to be an incredibly underwhelming end boss with so much potential. Cata on a whole wasn't that bad of an xpac but it suffered from a few things that I think just crippled it.

    1. Heroic Dungeons were too difficult for casual players.
    2. No new continent, WoW expacs are about exploring vast new worlds, exploring scattered zones in old familiar areas was the wrong choice. I personally feel that redoing the 1-60 quest zones, handicapped the wow team and limited us on overall content.
    3. Removal of Neptulon Raid was a mistake.
    4. Dragon Soul was a mess and completely bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hallonsaft4 View Post
    I would give MoP a 6 since Im still not over those bouncy pandas.
    I'm laughing really hard because of your comment and your avatar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veritus7 View Post
    8/10. Better than Cataclysm (6/10), better than WotLK in some parts (7/10 though T8 and T10 were some of the coolest raids ever), almost as good as BC (9/10) and Classic (8.5/10). No, I'm not saying that they should go back to those, I'm a firm believer of moving forward. I think WoD will be awesome.
    Pretty much agree with everything you said there, including the numerical ratings. I enjoyed the beautiful setting and aesthetic theme of Pandaria; I didn't share the cliched "lol, kung-fu pandas are for kids" sentiment either. One thing I think the expansion lacked in was a strong central antagonist; sure, Garrosh was menacing and all that, but he didn't evoke the same feel that say a Sargeras or Illidan or Lich King Arthas did. I'm not saying a strong central villain is the key to a successful expansion, but it helps with the overarching gravitas.

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    3/10 didnt like it

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    Enjoyed it for the raiding, but that was about it. I didn't find the storyline interesting at all though SoO was a bit more interesting, but it felt very typical I guess you could say. PvP I felt was a mess the whole expansion. It was just a Tug of war match the whole time. Dungeons were simple and most of them didn't interest me in the slightest. Hell all of Pandaria I found uninteresting besides the Thunder isles which was pretty cool.

    The Monk was a fun class, Pandaren I'm neutral on I don't care either way. Raiding was overall pretty solid once ToT came around. Challenge modes were great.
    Overall outside of raiding and a few other things this expansion wasn't for me. Overall in most game mechanics the expansion was a massive step up. It's just the theme/feel that killed it for me.

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