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    Mmmm really wanted to like MoP but to me it just feels like cata 2.0 with our long run of SoO going into WoD.

    A few things I did not really care for are..
    1. Asian theme
    2. Daily grind for rep and the rep items being shit
    3. batshit crazy jaina proudmoore
    4. insta 90's in LFR
    5. dungeons that do not feel like dungeons
    6. raids that seemed rather bland and pointless.(Heart of fear) (Throne of Thunder) My gripe with throne of thunder was that it just felt like a needless arc in the story that could have been better told through a 5 man dungeon. Also the whole zanadlari troll story really seemed like a waste of a story.

    Over all the expansion was not as bad as cata but it did not hit the heights of BC and Wrath


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    8/10 for me. 9/10 if we had more dungeons and a shorter last raid tier.

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    I liked the fights in the raids and the creativity there was with them but I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it wasn't for the Asian theme.

    Things I liked:
    I actually enjoyed the rep farm for some reason
    Idea of timeless isle was cool
    World Bosses that scale
    Challenge modes
    Raid Bosses had cool mechanics
    Don't need be in raid group for old raids
    Fun quests
    Flex mode

    Things I hated:
    Asian Theme
    Very bad story
    Monks in general
    Cash shop for all cool mounts and all the ones you worked for looked mediocre
    PvP balance was cancer
    Resilience was horribly designed
    Most art for Tier Sets were garbage

    Overall: 6/10 would not play again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by necrobear View Post
    2/10 a filler expansion, nothing else.
    Troll much?

    If that is your honest opinion, I don't even know where to start.

    How good was MOP?
    It was REALLY good. Honestly, probably the best expansion so far in terms of getting stuff right. I didn't mind "pandas" as people put them because it's a fantasy game. Any new race is a chance at new content and lore. But that is the expansion itself, not my experience playing it.
    Was MOP the most fun I've ever had in WoW? No. That was TBS and early Wrath. Why? Simple, that is when lots of friends played. Now it's really just me an a few very casual acquaintances I met through WoW.

    In my opinion, while TBC was hands down the most fun I've had in WoW, it was not the best expansion. I will list them in order with ratiings. (all my opinion of course)

    1. MoP 9/10
    2. Wrath 8/10
    3. Cata 6.5/10 (Cata just didn't do much for me in terms of feeling like an expansion. However! It completely rebuilt the old world and let you fly after bliz said that would never happen. It should get props for that. It also has a lot of cool new quests in old re-done zones that most people haven't even seen/did. It was also brave enough to try a water zone. Not the best zone ever for sure, and certainly there are problems, but I enjoyed playing in it the first time quite a lot)
    4. TBC 6/10 (Probably the least polished expansion at ship, and SUPER GRINDY if you can remember clearly, but CHRIST ALMIGHTY, I has so much fun)

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    It was awesome from a HC raiders POV, probably the best expansion so far, or at least tied with TBC.

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    The expansion that made many quit, possibly for good this time.
    It was terrible, as I expected when it was announced, but it actually got worse and worse as time went on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester Joe View Post
    Up until 5.2, I would of said something close to a 9 or 10, but from 5.3 to 5.4, I'd knock it down to an 8 or 7.5

    Which is a shame, I loved the start so much, but it was so awkward that it felt like the Pandarens were just there for the ride with us too, like they didn't know their own homeland or something.
    5.0 9.0
    5.1 9.25
    5.2 9.0
    5.3 7.0
    5.4 8.5

    8.5 out of 10 expansion.
    Cataclysm would have gotten this.
    4.0 9.0
    4.1 7.5
    4.2 8.0
    4.3 6.5

    3.0 8.5
    3.1 9.5
    3.2 8.0
    3.3 10
    Wrath 9.0 expansion

    Wrath 9.0
    MoP 8.5
    Cataclysm 7.75

    Not going to rate tbc and vanilla as i did'nt raid at all then. I believe i started during sunwell but didn't start raiding until 3.1 or so.

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    They're focusing too much on making everything available to everyone rather than putting time into making unique, fun content for those who want to put in more time into the game. Different levels of dedication and skill should reap different rewards (more than just gear), that's how i've always looked at it.

    They seem to be making some good choices with WoD, but not really enough to make me enjoy the game a lot more it seems. I hate a lot of things about MoP atm and I am strongly against all players seeing every aspect of the game just for paying for it; They definitely won't be changing this policy any time soon as the game is 80% players that are incredibly laid back and don't care much for a challenge, which is fair enough, but I don't like it. Call me what you want, but I play get fun out of trying to challenge myself for the best rewards, that's what I play for, you don't have to agree with my standpoint on it but that's how I have always felt and will always feel.

    How would I rate MoP?


    - A huge variety of content to be done at max level.

    - A beautiful new continent.

    - Great raids (ToT is one of my all time favorites).

    - Account bound heirlooms/pugging across realm - This was a really nice addition (Hell I wouldn't mind if they made old school legendaries account bound too).

    - Flexi-mode, this is the perfect casual raiding atmosphere. There is literally zero reason for the absolute disgrace that's LFR now.

    - Probably more that I can't think of, they really added a lot of nice little things in the expansion despite the con's that i'm about to write...


    - Way too accessible, you shouldn't be able to 'beat' the game a couple hours after hitting max level; It doesn't matter what difficulty it's on, beating the final boss = Beating the game in my books (and it also removes the incentive to try a harder difficulty whenever you've already seen all of it).

    - Leveling is much too fast at low levels but much too slow at high levels, or so it feels - I would like if they made Cata 80-90, MoP 90-100 and WoD 100-110 - 10 levels per expansion feels much better. I would also like to see the removal of heirlooms now that purchasing a 90 is an option; it's just so fast and you become far too powerful (it also completely skews low level PvP, not that low level is remotely balanced but it definitely doesn't help) and removes the opportunity to twink.

    - LFR - This is my main reason for why it's too accessible, I can't put into words how much I hate LFR. It's a pain to do and it's a pain to realize that you're getting very little extra from doing harder difficulties except for the same gear with higher stats (that offer you little to no reward in the outside world).
    - While there's a lot of content to do outside of raiding and PvP, very little of it requires much brain power or effort. It's all mindless grinding apart from a few small things like the Brawlers guild and the green fire quest, but both of which will only really be completed once and can also be out-geared, making peoples previous achievements meaningless. I like that there's stuff to do in the world, but I would also like for there to be a chance that I could actually die (or perhaps add some more penalties, just getting a repair bill isn't exactly a risk).

    - Zero risk reward anywhere in the game. That's one aspect of gaming that i've always loved, having the fear that if you screw up you'll be put back a lot. In old MMO's or RPGs if you died you would sometimes lose all of your gear, in other games you might have lost gold or in extreme cases you may have had to start the entire game over from the beginning. Obviously this wouldn't work in WoW, but i'd love to see some form of risk to dying to certain situations, it really makes it much more exciting (at least for me).

    - Heroics. I know that you can do challenge modes; But as I was saying earlier there's very little that you can do outside of raiding and PvP that requires actual brain power. They're addressing this in WoD thankfully (by adding MORE difficulties though... I'll still never understand what was hard about Cata heroics, I wiped loads but I enjoyed it - I enjoy improving myself in game and outside of it), but I really hate how currently the only challenge I get in this game is if I jump on my rogue to PvP or if its a raid night. I literally can't practice healing anywhere in the game, there's no way for me to improve unless it's raid night - It's just boring. I don't want to scale my gear down because then I don't have an accurate idea of how well I can heal ideally.

    - PvP and PvP progression. Now, I don't think that PvP is as horribly balanced as everyone makes it out to be - I just think it's frustrating as almighty shit. Having key spells getting dodged, being stun locked for 3 hours, lag when chasing someone as melee or running away as range - It's a nightmare. What's more is the gearing process on a new character, though this is nothing new as it's always been this way but i'd still like it improved. Getting a new alt and getting your ass handed to you by players that are absolute garbage because you do about 5 dps and they can do 5k dps while rolling their junk across the keyboard. You don't get better, all this gearing up process does is promote botting. I don't bot myself but I don't blame people who do it on newly dinged alts either, Jesus. Also, celestials giving loot, wtf? So you're telling me that it's fair that some players can get full prideful even a month before even rank 1 gladiator level players? That's RE-TAR-DED. Not had a single piece myself, i'm so far behind it's frustrating as hell. Not saying that i'm 'amazing', i'm just annoyed that some players are so far ahead due to pure luck. But anyway, this stuff has been there every expansion so I won't blame MoP alone for it.

    - Lots of other stuff have irked me but it's not that big a deal.

    So how would I rate it? Honestly, completely objectively, thinking like a new player just joining the game, it's still a great experience. There's a LOT of stuff to do in this game and if you're just there to see everything and don't care much for the challenge but just want to have fun in your own time, then you're gonna do just that. I'd give it an 8/10 because there's just SO much to do; The problem is that I myself don't really appreciate the stuff that they have available. I'd have it a 5 or 6 out of 10 because really, i'm just so damn bored all the time. I enjoy heroic raiding (despite the fact that i've lost a lot of my drive due to having seen it so much now...) and PvP, but outside of that I really find myself just afking all the time. I can't be bothered to do pet battles or level professions or play farmville or whatever else, I just want to get better. I'm not sure what they can do to address this tbh, but WoD seems to be doing a few things that I might enjoy so i'm at least looking forward to it a little bit.


    It's kay.


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    Depends on how you actually spent your time in it. I had a blast hardcore raiding 25man when the xpack launched, but I still disagree with many pointless systems and the daily changes that launched with it. Couldn't care less about lore and scenery, so I would give it a 6/10, with WotLK holding 10/10 and Cata 8/10.

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    First half 8/10

    Second half 1/10

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    10/10 just like every damn thing bliz does.
    Echo in the distance...

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    best xpac yet

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    Vanilla: 7/10
    BC: 7/10
    Wrath: 4/10
    Cata: 6/10
    MoP: 8/10

    All from a server first raiding perspective. Other stuff I don't care as much about.

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    probably one of the most innovative. Now, whatever fucking reason they used pandas, is beyond me. I guess to appease the asian market? no idea, but it was stupid. If it was focused on the jiynu, then massive success. The pandas were stupid

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    10/10. I know it's not the most popular opinion but I actually really love MoP. The scenery is beautiful, I loved the quest lines, I LOVE SoO, and I like most of the dungeons.

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    The polish of the expansion was excellent. Everything was beautiful, well thought and pretty much top notch.

    I just felt that the theme was not everything I would have wanted from a WoW fantasy expansion. I am more into medieval, dragons, knights, wizards and other classic magic themed settings.

    It was not bad.. but all I kept thinking was 'what if they had spent all these artistic resources into something closer to the core of WoW'.
    Based on the MoP artistry, I am really excited to see what they do with WoD!

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    0/100000000 worst expac, i didnt enjoy any of it. Extreme grinding / blando lore / pointless raids / uninteresting mechanics. Terrible and is lasting so damm much. Please wod releases soon , i feel im justo wasting money in this mop nonsense.

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    Raiding: 8/10 (Throne of Thunder reminded me a lot of Ulduar, and SoO felt really really epic. ToES and HoF were also pretty cool)
    LFR: 1/10 (LFR fosters too many people who don't wanna actually get better)
    Dungeons: 8/10 (Best dungeons since BC, felt epic, without having insane trash)
    Number of Dungeons 3/10 (If they added 4-5 more, amazing)
    Art: 10/10 (Have you played this game on Ultra and overlooked Kun-lai or Jade Forest? Its amazing)
    Pandaren: 9/10 (Kung Fu Panda my ass. Pandaren monks have been around since WC3, lol, get over it, plus they're very interesting, but people cant relate to wise characters I guess)
    PvP balance: 4/10 (CC is just nuts now. Everyone has too much, glad this is changing)
    ilvl growth: 1/10 (The current gear bloat due to having 4 different versions of raids is utterly ridiculous. If you are a new player now, you have to get honor gear or timeless isle grind to gear for the ability to grind SoO LFRs for 10 weeks(Personal loot system is terrible too, imagine getting the same shoulders for 3 weeks but a trinket being impossible to see) Then after you've gotten your LFR gear, time for Flex, so you can go to normal. It has never been this hard to make the jump to real raiding if you want.)
    New BGs: 7/10 (ToK is awesome. DwG is also very good. The lack of a Wintergrasp/Tol'Barad is somewhat depressing though.)
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    If WoD is better than MoP, it will be a 10/10 x pack

    problems with MoP are the pandas, LFR, and useless grinds.

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