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    2/10... Cata was a clear 1/10 that made me stop raiding.. Mop however put the nail in the coffin and made me unsub completely! Worst shit ever, useless crappy kungfupanda-kids-inspired expansion... wouldn't even be ok with it as a contentpatch!

    Gone with the shit, time to celebrate the comeback of WOW!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hallonsaft4 View Post
    I would give MoP a 6 since Im still not over those bouncy pandas.
    Get your bouncy Panda Warrior the Purple Judgement recolored set, and annoy all the Paladins.


    BC: 8/10.
    Wrath: 8/10.
    Cata: 4/10.
    MoP: 8/10.

    Looking at just normal 10 man raiding, this has been the best expansion so far.
    Interesting bosses with a number of mechanics equal to the number of mechanics on Arthas in ICC.
    Lei Shen was a better fight then Garrosh though.
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    I give it a 2/10. I'm not a fan of pandas, the Asian theme (or the funny light heartedness it gives off), or the raids. I think that's why I started to focus on pvp more this xpac.

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    7 out of 10

    Way to much rep grinding, and then it got you next to nothing.

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    imho, worst thing to happen in wow.
    disgusting lore, awful gear looks, fun yet uninteresting raids, a huge unbalance in pvp (at least i was on the good side of that)
    too grindy in the beginning, way too noob-friendly (no im not an elitist, i just dont like LFR. yes im raiding flex and norm. no i dont like them either.)
    idiotic, childish graphics, major NPCs who act as if from an anime for 5 year olds.
    monks are a boring class that rapes everything in low ratings and random bgs, succeeds at pleasing the teens and fails everywhere else.
    overall, a 2/10, and these 2 points solely because it introduced one of the most awesome bosses in the faces of dark shamans.

    ps: and thats MY opinion. dont hate the player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waubice View Post
    What do you guys think about mop, 1-10?
    1 is still a positive number...

    How about -10?

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    ToT was really good, and that's about it.

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    7/10, probably the best overall expansion though it never peaked past my favourite moments from previous expansions.
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    liked it overall

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    8/10. from a raiding stand point it is the best imo, interesting bosses and good raid atmospheres.

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    I have to give it about...7.5.

    Game mechanics have improved
    New, fun class
    Fun raids
    Beautiful continent

    shitty dungeons, no replayability
    generally not a fan of pandas
    music not as good as previous expansions
    Mother pus bucket!

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    Far better than Cata with lots of things to do, I probably enjoyed WOTLK and TBC more mainly because I raided properly then

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    I've had a lot of fun during MoP - not sure if it was mostly because my guild came alive again after completely dying halfway through cata, or because the expansion was good... maybe a mix

    anyway, I would rate it like this :

    OVERALL feeling off the top of my head : 8/10

    Raids (overall) 8/10
    New class (monk) 9/10 (played WW as main because it was so much fun)
    New race (pandaren) 3/10 (this is completely unfair and just a personal feeling that they don't fit in & I find the lore boring. I played one all MoP, but I wish they were gone when MoP ends)
    New features 6/10 : Bad/Boring/Irrelevant (to me): pet battles, farmville, scenarios, Good : Brawler's guild, Timeless Isle(with some improvements), Loot system/bonus roll.
    Questing 8/10
    Continent/Zones 7/10
    PvP - I think all of the new BGs are great, but I haven't done any serious PvP, so maybe it's not fair for me to rate this.

    (I've probably forgotten something, but can't think of anymore right now :P
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    From an enjoyment pov - I'd give it an 8. tBC I enjoyed more. LK and Cata I enjoyed less.
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    TBC: 9/10
    WotLK: 6/10
    Cata: 8/10
    MoP: 3/10

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    9/10 Best expansion.

    We had countless threads like this.

    Gief poll?

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    I have a thing for neatness and this expansion was full of it.

    So I give MoP a 8.5/10

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    I loved it starting out. Though I've constantly played it, MoP is the expansion I will remember as being the one where my interest waned within several weeks after release due, I think, primarily to the rep/daily tie-ins after 90, which they've admitted did not turn out as intended. Thus, I'm giving it a 7 based mostly on innovations made within the expansion patches like providing heroic scenarios for pre-made groups, recognizing the need for a family/friends raiding level and providing flex, timeless isle philosophies like food buffs from trees and combat that takes a little more thought and rare kills, etc.

    Based on the way things are going, WoD looks promising. I like daily Challenge Dungeons for pre-made groups dropping epic level loot, but I continue to think an option should be made similar to Garrisons for guilds, maybe at guild level 26.

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    6.5/10. Not my favorite, not my worst. The end of cata was the worst for me, but the beginning was pretty okay. I liked WOTLK, probably moreso that Cata early on plus the epicness of BC was carrying over.

    Vanilla - 7.5/10
    BC - 9.5/10
    WOTLK - 7/10
    Cata - 6.5/10
    MoP - 6.5/10

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    The theme, the music, scenery, art and what not. Terrible. But then... then you stumbled upon retarded fish-people for the Alliance, and some bat-shit crazy Monkey race for the Horde. And before you knew it, you were helping out Pandaren peasants and brewmasters, fuck that shit. Questing sucked, the Jade Forest was interesting in the beginning, but the rest of Pandaland was a nightmare. I seriously wanted to stab myself in the eyeballs when I reached Dread Wastes. But then... all of the sudden... BOOM warfare! Alliance vs. Horde. And then all of the sudden... BOOM, Thunder King. Some random Mogu dude we never even heard about. Oh, and he's got his own army of Zandalari Trolls too! And then BOOM, all of the sudden Garrosh goes insane and now you can enjoy a year without new content.

    The legendary cloak was an RNG grindfest and now everyone and their mothers is running around with one. Immersion in WoW is non-existent anymore, no more dark nights, weather effects are pretty much non-existent, flying mounts everywhere. Oh, almost forgot. Dungeons. Yeah, lets talk about dungeons, oh wait. Nevermind. Dungeons were completely abandoned in this expansion, a bunch of pathetic re-skins, and the little dungeons that we had in MoP were so easy... so pathetically easy. What else do we have... hmm... Pet Battles! A classic Pokemon copy-paste. And, oh... Scenarios are joke and I don't know why Blizzard is wasting time on them instead of creating more dungeons. Scenarios are annoying, Blood in the Snow is a perfect example of how terrible and how much of a failure they are. And the gear design in this game... I thought it couldn't get any worse. As soon as Blizzard added Transmogrification back in Cataclysm, they started to slack on the looks of gear. Look at this shit:

    And that's one of many examples. Warrior T16 with lazer beams and flashing buttons, Monk T14 has a giant sombrero hat and anal beads wrapped around his neck...

    I'm not even going to talk about PvP in this expansion, lol.

    Honestly, the only thing I kind of enjoyed was ToT and a bit of the Isle of Thunder. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm giving this expansion a 3/10, and I'm being optimistic.
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