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    AFter that disaster called Cata, a solid 8.

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    Havent liked it. At all.
    ToT was the only decent raid.
    All 5 man dungeons sucked big time - tuning, having to wait for a gazillion hours of RP and what not.
    Daily quests x 5 million
    Stopping old raids from being proffitable with the new "your share of the gold loot system crap"
    Most zones are empty, no monsters to kill. Like literally, every other npc is a friendly goat you cannot kill.
    No epic gems for T3, I know its a minor thing - but always had a nice feel to it when you could afford that little extra.
    And lastly.. the shear amount of reused models, locations and so on is stupendeous.
    - Instances are just a part of pandaria with other mobs
    - Scenarios, same as dungeons
    - Raids, as above; ToT being an exception
    - Sha of this, Sha of... fck off
    - /rabble rabble

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    Hmm... 4. I was never too excited about it, the storyline wasn't my favorite, and the whole thing seemed kind of... like a joke.
    Really? Pandas?
    Lock rocks, made to order.

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    I liked ToT as a raid and it kept me playing and actually interested in the game.

    Same for firelands from cata

    same for wrath, uludar

    It always seems the best raid is the one that is added in the first raid patch

    to rate my ToT experience: 8/10

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    So good I only quit twice... still gone until WoD.

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    MOP is a good expansion, the problem with the game is that worldoflobbyqueuecraft overshadows everything.

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    Legendary questline made it pretty subpar to roll alt dpses, it just felt crappy even if the dps was viable in flex/normal. Storyline was a bit forced, but the raids up to SoO were good. However, once again SoO sucks, it's super linear, and the boss fights are pretty wack especially Garrosh. Immerseus, Sha of Pride, Galakras, Iron Jugg, Malk Thok and Garrosh were all awful bosses.

    In comparison, ICC (which was no perfect raid), had switches to Bone Spikes, 2nd boss add control, 4th boss kiting, rotface kiting slimes, putricide being awesome, princes bouncing balls, lanaya biting people, sindragosa with too much crazy shit to mention, and arthas being a sicknasty boss like you can't really compare.

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    I give it a 3/10 ... I found it horrendously bad, seriously. I'm looking forward to the improvements of WoD that seem to put the game back in the right track though.
    Mists of Pandaria for me was the absolute peak of cluttering the game with all sorts of pointless minigames, ability bloat and content recycling bloat.
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