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    How to download WOW without using battlenet downloader?

    Hi there. I need a way to download WOW without going though the usual route. My reasoning is because of the following:

    1. I have a 100GB usage allowance per calendar month. I'd rather use it for other things.
    2. There is a connection nearby which runs at 25mb while I only get a average of 4mb.
    3. I don't like waiting for downloads.
    4. I'm a scrooge and won't pay for a fancy fibre connection.
    5. I like the idea of downloading things on my mobile while walking the dog.

    I'm looking to download the whole game. I then want to transfer it to another device such as a desktop and have it compile together.

    Cheers for your time.

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    Call me stupid,but you actually want to download WoW to your mobile "while walking a dog" and then transfer it to desktop?
    If so,that won't work. Even if you managed to transfer it to your desktop you would still need to connect it to the Battle.net launcher.

    Just use the downloader like everyone else.
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    So, wait, you want to download 20+ Gb on your mobile while walking the dog, without the b.net launcher and then transfer it in your PC later on? Seems an impossible feat to me and too much of a hassle when you can do it like everyone else does, use the b.net launcher and download it. You basically wanna complicate a simple thing. Why do that? Nobody knows...
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    How about the CDs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devechka View Post
    How about the CDs?
    What Devechka said. If you don't have any of the CDs anymore, not even the earlier expansions, that would be your fault. You're going to have to deal with letting the download sit on your computer.

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    Wanting to download the game on your phone, while walking your dog, and then putting it on your computer, just so you can say you avoided the b.net launcher makes you look like a pretenious hipster.

    Use the KISS method and just use the launcher. Downloading the game only takes up 1/5 of your monthly bandwidth.

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    Just download it towards the end of your allowance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sys01 View Post
    Why do that? Nobody knows...
    Well he seemingly doesn't want to use his traffic for it.
    If you find someone who uploads the entire client somewhere you certainly can just download it.

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    Get the client from someone else.
    One cannot simply quit wow his way into Mordor.

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    copy all the files from a friends PC?

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    A friend of mine that has an absurdly low data cap solved this by going to his local library. Downloaded it to one of their computers, brought it home on a flash drive. The /world of warcraft/ directory is completely portable - you just need a 32+gb flash drive. If you have a friend who also plays the game, you can just copy their WoW folder over as well.

    I'm not sure if it's possible to download to a mobile device, unless you can create a hotspot with your phone and download it to a laptop or something like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoopySylvanas View Post
    3. I don't like waiting for downloads.
    4. I'm a scrooge and won't pay for a fancy fibre connection.
    You are really just making the whole process harder on yourself by being impatient. Why don't you just start the download before you go to bed that way you will download "While you sleep" and you won't be actively watching the little bar go.

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    1) Acquire storage device of sufficient size to house WoW folder.
    2) Acquire WoW playing friend within reasonable travel distance.
    3) Visit aforementioned WoW playing friend for sufficient amount of time to copy said friend's WoW folder onto aforementioned storage device.
    4) Return home and transfer WoW folder to computer of choice.
    5) Remove the WTF folder and Interface folder so as to assure you don't get tripped up by friend's addons.
    6) Congratulations, you are now Scrooge McDuck

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    If you use the MoP installer discs it should reduce the download down to around 3-4 GB

    Then you just need to find the direct download links for the MPQs for all the patches since MoP . Those can be downloaded with a browser or download manager.

    Unfortunately the first part will need to go through the BDA

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