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    Do you REALLY enjoy raiding?

    Hi there,

    I'm just curious, do you really enjoy raiding? And by raiding I mean doing the same dungeon (let's say SoO) over and over again to get the best gear possible.

    I don't have anything against people who raid, just curious if it is really fun for you doing the same instance for the 20th time? Are the boss fights that exciting even after you do them so maaany times? Or you just do it for the gear? I want honest answers, really.

    As for me, I don't really raid, I used to raid a little in TBC doing Karazhan and even though I did it mostly for gear (to gear up for pvp) I must admit I really enjoyed it . It was very well designed and executed. Can't say that about the Gruul's Lair and other instances though - it was very boring, doing it over and over just for farm some gear.

    I play mostly PvP and yea, I play those bgs and arenas which are the same over and over, hundreds of times. But the difference I find is that you can't really predict what the other player will do. Sure, they have got a limited set of skills and abilities on their character but hey, arena fights are always slightly different, even if against the same opponent. Different tactics, random things etc. Is it the same with bosses?

    Just curious really, I don't mean to offend anyone Perhaps you will get me into raiding again, who knows?:P

    EDIT: Just remember now, back in TBC I raided with a really fun social guild. Do you raid to socialize with others or it isn't an important factor for you ?

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    I used to raid a lot and I loved it. A whole year of ICC was no problem for me. I quit when the drama started. I only raid casually now to avoid possible drama. Raiding can be a lot of fun but it all depends on your guild. If you're in a guild with a lot of drama it would be best to find another guild or just quit raiding. I did option 2 and don't regret it tbh. I do miss progress raiding sometimes. But then I hear horror stories from others about guild drama... Which makes me think that I'm still happy as a retired raider that only raids a few times every few weeks

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    Not really no. I enjoy pvp much more excluding the imbalances. If I really like a tier sets looks ill grind for it, but other than that it's too repetitive for me.

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    Yes - It's fun to overcome the challenges of Heroic Raids, and to get the best gear possible. Of course it can get repetitive, but that's why you find yourself a really nice guild that suits your perfectly, because it's made much easier to bare when you've got people you can have a good laugh with and enjoy other aspects of the game.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    Yes, I enjoy playing the game with others and cooperating to get a decent outcome, and also, the feeling of downing a boss after putting weeks of practice into is, is extremely rewarding.

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    It's the only thing I enjoy in WoW

    I do enjoy it a lot though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamon12 View Post
    I don't have anything against people who raid, just curious if it is really fun for you doing the same instance for the 20th time? Are the boss fights that exciting even after you do them so maaany times? Or you just do it for the gear?
    Me personally don't think it's fun (healer). But I know many people enjoy farming the raid, to optimize their gear or go for world of logs ranks. But obviously the most fun in raiding is when you can finally kill that boss for the first time after countless wipes . Even tho I also like to progress, even if this means, wipe, wipe, wipe...

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    After awhile I do get bored of raiding, but it's always fun to hang out with my guildies and that is what keeps me doing it.

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    Getting bored now tbh, im only raiding each week in hope that warforged drops.

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    Yes. I enjoy playing with my guild, and raiding fulfills two scenarios- farm night is fun, easy, laid back messing around with my very good friends, which I enjoy, and progression night is challenging, team-building, goal-oriented play with my very good friends, which I also enjoy.

    Unless we're not progressing fairly steadily (at least a new kill every few weeks), or we're feeling frustrated with a "roadblock" fight, raiding is a lot of fun for my group.

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    I only login to raid. So yeah I enjoy it.

    It's a social gathering. You just spend the time hanging out with online friends while either farming or progressing. There are nice little moments where you see the people you know step up to the plate.

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    I really love it, and enjoy progressing with a group of people. I've always done 25m which just seems to make it so much more rewarding.

    The only problem is a lot of people just do not seem too intrigued with being stuck in SOO for this long, alot are canceling subs. Just to keep the pressure off my team and to keep everyone together we had to totally stop raiding about 2 weeks ago (people just too burned out) and started a fresh alt guild to level. Really glad we did it, it brought a lot of fun/life back into the game for everyone and I really believe this break of fun has saved the large number of our core team for next xpac.

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    yes. enjoying the guild company and raiding flex made it much better experience

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    It's kind of hard to say. I haven't been part of a progressing raid group since 5.1 before I took a six month break from the game. For me it's kind of a catch-22: I get lonely as hell knowing a sizable chunk of my aquaintances/friends are doing something without me but I also don't want to deal with the stress of being "the one that wiped us." It's why I don't volunteer to tank anything unless I think we're desperate.

    I'm the kind of person that does really well on dps meters and gets particularly good at a healing spec but doesn't handle pressure well. Nothing to brag about, obviously.
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    I like pretty much everything about raiding and group play (even 5 mans).

    If I can find a way to pay to have my toons get leveled from 90-100 without me having to do it and just get to raiding I will.

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    I wouldn't have subjected myself to Heroic Siegecrafter if I didnt. Fire for Mythic Raiding
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    My desire to raid is definitely diminished. I barely play at all any more except to level up another alt. And even then, only for a few hours in a week. I've started leaning towards that "do it once to see it" stance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrod View Post
    I wouldn't have subjected myself to Heroic Siegecrafter if I didnt.
    just did it on 25 man with my friends guild oh the pain. it hurt to good
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    People doing below 200k dps? Ain't nobody got time for that.
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    No. I'd rather have 5-man heroics that's fun and challenging than raid.
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