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    Hi there,

    I'm just curious, do you really enjoy raiding? And by raiding I mean doing the same dungeon (let's say SoO) over and over again to get the best gear possible.
    I'm sure it's been said, but let's get one thing clear, "raiding" isn't doing the same raid over and over and over again. That's grinding, as much as that's the "purpose" or end-game, it is grinding.

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    LFR is not raiding. Celestials and Ordos are more raiding than LFR
    How so? You can tag the Celestial and let everyone else kill it while being AFK. Players can respawn at the spirit mid-fight and rejoin. I have yet to see a wipe on Celestials. I have seen wipes on Ordos when trolls from other factions pull extra mobs into the group, but that's not due to boss difficulty. Please make credible statements. LFR is raiding. You have 25 people, the bosses still feature most of the mechanics from normal (toned down), and groups will wipe if they don't follow. The point he was making stands. If you don't like raiding you obviously won't like LFR.

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    No one can solo lol fest current content in a real raid (normal/heroic).
    Wow. I'm impressed that you can solo LFR bosses. Video please. As for normal bosses:

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    People need to get over the gear color (and themselves). It doesn't matter, and it shouldn't matter what other players have either. Worry about your damn self. Live your life by that. If you want to concern yourself with someone else, then worry about HELPING them, not putting them down or making sure you stand out as better than them.
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    I enjoy raiding for the most part. I'm not going to say there aren't weeks I'd rather have spent my time doing other things, but the good times with my friends outweigh those bad times. Of course I only raid on saturdays and the group likes to joke around while still getting stuff done(the only meter that matters is the death meter). We'll see if that changes in WoD when it's 20 mythic instead of 10H though.

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    i think its a fun activity. i'm not sure if i enjoy it as much as i used to.

    varies tier to tier mostly. Really good instances can be REALLY enjoyable whereas raids like siege of orgrimmar i find really tedious.
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    Depends. I enjoy it the first few times. Doing stuff 20x+ just gets boring. Exception is when you highly OP the raid and are doing it for a mount chance like Ulduar or ICC...whole thing done in under an hour and a chance at something cool. I am also not doing these like 5x a week either, then it gets boring. I do BT 3x a week and by the third time I am so bored I want to punch my monitor...why do it? Glaives and its something to do. Same with MC and rolling chars through there forever to get a mace...the 397 one drops more often in Firelands!

    I value my time and honestly don't find it fun to do any type of progression. I guess if raided with a guild that progressed quickly maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but I also can't stand sitting non-stop in-front of the computer for a 3-4hr raid. After a long day of work, it is MORE WORK. I play games to relax, and that type of thing just isn't relaxing for me. Flex when it first came out almost killed me. Being in a wing for 3hrs had me say screw it. Now I can do Flex 1-4 in about 3-4hrs, but in one go I just can't do it.

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