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    If she has been chasing that golem for 7 years, you'd think she'd be about a teenager by now.

    All they need to do is have her chasing a boy instead. Problem solved. :P

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    Clearly its because of the unbalanced economy of the system. Gold bars sell for less then a gold piece? MADNESS!

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    Maybe they should enlist Steve McQueen to direct a movie that highlights their plight?

    I mean they even took Linkin's boomerang away, the little boy in Stormwind that lost his gorilla to the girl, and they killed Old Blanchy!


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    how many times is that little girl going to allow the boy to steal her gorilla. After the 26,800th time i believe the little girl needs to murder the boy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boyzma View Post
    You aren't really taking this seriously are you?
    The thread in itself, no person I responded to...yea I did, why?

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    Mine opinion - its no longer an e-sport. (I actually would like to see RBG tournaments tho.)

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    I agree.

    It's a shame these kids are still without parents.

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    Seen one sitting on a horse last night with his eyes closed. These poor pixel people are exausted after years of keeping their assigned posts.

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    Wow is dying because of the toxic community. So many angry, bitter people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatal View Post
    Wow is dying because of the toxic community. So many angry, bitter people.
    Clearly you've missed the point of the post friend - Read the first one, you'll see this is all about #EndTraynise'Suffering2014

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    Wow is dying because people don't have a sense of humor anymore and come in here all mad like it's not sarcastic like everything else on the internet.

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    Oh ya, on topic. Think of the children! The little silithid hatchlings have it the worst! Oh, you think the darkness is your ally, but you merely adopted the dark. They were born in it, molded by it. They didn’t see the light until they were already a grown reaver, ready to defend our dark lord C'Thun; by then, it was nothing to them but blinding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatal View Post
    Wow is dying because of the toxic community. So many angry, bitter people.
    You just posted a kind of bitter response in a humoristic thread - be careful not to be consumed by the bitter mob yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zogarth View Post
    I blame LFR and the removal of the sense of adventure and unbalanced PVP. Each to his own.
    Damn. Fail. MUST. READ. OP

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    World of Warcraft will never die !! Deal with it !!

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    While I enjoy the occasional joke thread as much as anyone, the way this one is titled is simply going to subject it to endless derailment.

    So closing. Sorry.
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