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I think it's a pretty shitty move, but they probably didn't intend for half of any server to speak a different language than the other half, either. Just an accident of chance that the server/faction communities coalesced in that way.

On the bright side, look at it this way: the Czechs are more likely to know English than the other way around, because hey, it's English; it's fucking everywhere.
Blizz knew what they were doing, they chose to merge two Cz realms, its the under populated English factions that are losing out.

The Czech players are more likely to know English, but they just don't want to. They want to raid in Czech, so we can't play with them.

We're pretty much at the point where it is going to cost me £100 to move my characters with all their history.

Not a peep from Blizz on the issue btw.