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    Hunter vs Lock - s2


    Last night, I did a few 2s runs - with a warrior mate, of mine.

    I know the setup, is not doable for high rating, but at our current rating, it should be viable. Off topic, my main topic is the insane burst, and the ability of the hunter, to heal himself.

    Last night we had a match vs a hunter and mage. Warrior went on the mage, with all my dots on him, the hunter where CC'ed and nuked to about 40 % when the mage and the warrior died - I had around 80 % HP (Affliction).

    The hunter started to pillar hump, running around making it difficult to apply dots, and keeping him from healing himself with "spirit bond". I even tried to use portal + soulburn for the increased run speed, without help. The hunter were able to regain 40 % of he's main HP pool, before nuking me down, like a enraged albino rabbit! He even killed my pet two times, managed to get back after a fear chain, pulling him out in the open.

    First of all, how do you counter this? - Prevent him from pillar humping and regaining he's HP? Iam I the only person WHO finds the hunter "super" fun to play against?

    I would like to state out, that iam not a pro player, but I do know how to play my class!

    If you got any tips regarding the issue please share your knowlegde with the lesser knowledged ppl

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    When running around a pillar, put your teleport on one side and "lure" him ontop of it, the use teleport and fear him out in the open.
    This sounds silly but try to "position" him in the middle using your CC, and they apply dots, on the pet aswell.

    This all sound far fetched but it works if he doesn't react fast enough
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    It's a viable solution, as long as the hunter dont CC you first! - Trap portal

    Even if I manage to fear him out in the open, he will proberly use deterrence to avoid the dots.

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    First of all, how do you counter this? -
    You don't. If the hunter is at least as skilled as you, you're dead.

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    Aff is not viable in 2s.

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    Kill his pet = no more heals.

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    Revive pet: 2s cast

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