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    Cool Monster MMORPG - Are you guys playing ? My quick intro - Pokemon alike game

    Hello everyone. I would like to make a quick introduction to one of my favorite games. This game is called as Monster MMORPG (www . monstermmorpg. com/) and it is totally free to play. All in game items and other stuff can be obtained without paying a single penny. It is browser based and doesn't require anything to install in order to play the game. Not even flash player.

    The game is similar to Pokemon generation 3 games. You start the game with selecting your starting monster, your overworld trainer image. To register : www . monstermmorpg. com/Register
    You can change both of them from your control panel after registration any time you want and as many as times you want. Control panel : www . monstermmorpg. com/Settings.aspx

    Once you entered the game you will see a map screen and other stuff. At the beginning it is a bit complicated to understand. Watching this gameplay tutorial video would help you a lot to understand.
    Tutorial video : www . youtube. com/watch?v=04cfFZMEgvU&hd=1

    Game also has a simplistic how to play page : www . monstermmorpg. com/How-To-Play

    As I said this game is like Pokemon games. You can find wild monsters on grass areas. Use w,a,s,d or keyboard arrow keys to navigate on the map. Keep pressing them for more fluent moving. You can also move with multiple steps with using arrow images on the game page. Once you encounter with wild monster you can either try to run away or you can battle with it. Both defeating and catching the wild monster will reward you gold and EXP.

    When your entire team gets fainted, you need to go to the Monster Center (MC) and heal your team. The game will teleport you automatically to the front of MC building. Each city has 1 MC and Monster Market building. The game is consisted of total 19 different zones and each zone has 3 cities. One of these 3 cities are major city and have Monster Arena to earn ancient badges.

    The battle screen is giving very detailed information so with reading the screen you will have all the information you need.

    Game also has a MonsterDex page like Pokedex. This page has a lot of filtering, sorting features that will help you greatly to understand monsters. You will have a lot of time on this page. Also there is game maps page which also provides a lot of information.

    MonsterDex: www . monstermmorpg. com/MonsterDex
    Maps Pages: www . monstermmorpg. com/Maps , www . monstermmorpg. com/Game-Maps

    There are 2 mechanical moves in the game. First one is Fly and the second one is Hyper Surf.
    Once you have a monster in your team that knows Fly move you can fly to the maps that you have visited previously. Only ancient arenas and the caves are not flyable.

    A monster in your team that knows hyper surf move makes you able to walk on the water areas and catch certain monsters. Also having net items in your inventory lets you able to catch fishing monsters at the edges of water areas.

    Anyone nobody likes too much reading :P so I will write you my honest Pros and Cons

    Pros (+): Very advanced and detailed game mechanics, massive amount of maps to discover (520), massive amount of both cool and bad monsters (1801), advanced market system that lets you to trade/buy/sell monsters and items, very well working live PvP system, integrated chat system, well planned top trainers system, strong and fast servers, daily backups, very strict anti cheating system

    Cons (-): Game is far away from being complete, very bad game UI, movement on the map system is very slow, excessive amount of ads, some of the monsters are very badly drawn low quality, no client application to play on computer, no guild system, no official PvP tournaments, very complex at the beginning to understand the game, lack of how to play tutorial

    My honest score is 6.5 for this game because it is being developed by a single developer with the help of artists and game community. However worth to try.

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    Worth a try? About ten minutes.

    There are so many free video games out right now; you could add 100 games to a list every day forever and you'd still never complete it. I guess it all depends specifically on what your looking for in one.

    Of course, if you just like Pokemon, then you could just slap down five bucks for the official game that's been polished all round.

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    Or just play pokemmo if you like to battle monsters

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