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    How do you effectively use vigilance?

    As the title suggests, how? I am currently running with a macro that casts vigilance when mousing over a player (#showtooltip vigilance
    /cast [@mouseover, help, nodead] [@targettarget,help,nodead]vigilance). This works on most boss fights, assuming whatever tank is taking the boss doesnt have a bunch of meele on top of him (or the second tank for that matter). However at certain situations it can take me like 2 seconds to get it off properly which is a bit to slow in my opinion. What kind of macro do you use for using vigilance in the blink of an eye? I might just be missing something stupidly easy here but it's worth asking.

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    You can target that same macro on focus bar or target of target aswell. If you know in advance who you are using it on you can hover your mouse over them in grid in advance.

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    Well that made things easier, all this time i have been using it on the actual 3d model and not the character portrait Z.z /thread

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    As the majority of the time the tank that has aggro will be the one who needs the damage reduction (also the case on Mark of Anguish or any focus damage mechanic), I use a Target of Target macro for really quick Vigilance-ing in a pinch where I can continue my rotation on the boss. I can't count how many times I've saved our tank by hitting it quickly.

    MMO-C won't let me post the macro as it thinks it's a link, but I'm sure some kind soul can help you out, that or a quick google of 'Quintessential Warrior Macros for Pandaria' .

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    I have 4 macros, 2 for each spec.

    If I'm tanking, I just use the first or second macro, depending on who's tanking with me that night.

    If I'm DPSing, I have them for the two tanks. There are three of us, so I only ever need to use the first or second depending on who needs it.

    Otherwise, I have a mouse over macro that I use to cast on someone when I mouse over their health bar in the raid frames.

    - - - Updated - - -

    There's also this one:

    #showtooltip vigilance
    /use [help][@targettarget] vigilance
    It'll cast Vigilance on your target, or your target's target if you're targeting something hostile (like a boss); useful if that particular tank needs a CD

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    I use Clique (since I also play a holy pally alt) and have shift-right click bound to it so that I can quickly throw it on anyone in the party / raid .

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    I have one that auto-targets the tank the boss is targeting, and one to use on anybody by clicking their raid frame, eg I see someone got Garrote+Sha Sear+Shadow Word: Bane at the same time.

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    I have 2 macro, 1 for each tank, and I also have it keybound to V so I can mouse over and just hit that if needed.

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    type /target playername
    then /cast vigilance
    mid-fight, obviously.

    really though, just use an addon like clique or whatever, i don't like the @player1, @player2 macros, it limits it too much. Who knows who you might have to throw it on during a fight.

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    I use a mouseover macro as well, and I mouseover the grid frame with the player name in it. Normally a tank.

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    I go through my spell book, click the spell, then type the command /target(playername) then click the unit frame.

    I kid. I kid.

    In all seriousness, I only use it on the tanks or special circumstances on another player (a rogue soaking for example). For the special circumstances, I know ahead of time in general, and use a mouse over macro.

    If on tank, I can still mouse over macro, OR I have a target's target macro that will throw vig on my target's target. Granted, this is situational, so I always use the mouseover as a fallback, and it is kind of redundant. I need to clean things like this pre-wod.

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    I have 3 macros, one for each tank and one for anyone else in the form of a mouse over macro.

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