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    Thumbs down Level Boost Price VS Expansion Price

    Now yeah, I am drunk and all, and maybe I am getting my facts wrong...but I was thinking about something. The level boost to purchase is 60 dollars, but the expansion which comes with a free boost is 50 dollars. Clever marketing scheme to get you to save 10 dollars by just buying the expansion and getting a "free" level boost? Therefore perhaps getting you hooked on the new expansion and bringing in new money every month afterwards. I mean, we all know Blizz is evil because they are a company that tries making money, and only terrible people try to earn money...so, I do not doubt that they have this secret agenda. Think about this too...60 dollars...what is the 6th letter of the alphabet? "G"...as in Ghostcrawler...which is ALSO the first letter in what? Oh yeah, "Greg Street"... both the same man, but both somehow JUST happens to start a "G"...as in 60 dollars. But then you might say "where do the Chinese fit in with all this?"...well, the 60th character in the chinese alphabet is 蟹, meaning "money" or "CRAB", depending on the time of year or how FAR northwest you have gone in mainland China. Twilight Zone crap huh?! Greg is not EVEN with Blizz anymore, nor does he make money off expansions....so why is the expansion price (which was announced like less than a week after the 60 dollar boost) 10 dollars cheaper IF Greg "crabstreet" Street isn't even Chinese to begin with? Because Blizz WANTS money!
    I do apologize if this has already been posted by someone else.
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    I don't think you should post when you're drunk.

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    Generally it's a good idea when creating a thread to have something to discuss. This seems to avoid all of that and be pointless as well.

    So better to close it now.

    There are a lot of threads out there about the expansion price and the boost so we don't really need another.
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