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    I think one big thing people for get is once Diablo 3's x-pac come out. That most of that team will be moved to WoW or so I think, I also think that's why there not shoving WoD's in our face as they want people to be thinking about the D3 Xpac. Ill bet my grandmas left foot that a month after it the xpac comes out will see lots of WoD stuff and beta soon after.
    they already moved back devs from the titan fail
    I think LK launched in Nov. and other xpacs have been in that last quarter i dont remember about mop.

    It will be late into this year for WoD... if you are thinking anything sooner stop kidding yourself. They are changing so much stuff and beta not even been announced. Im saying november like i do every xpac lol.
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    Slower release= more gold from selling SoO gear/mounts, release in November for all I care.

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    If Blizzard takes a break from releasing new content, just take a break from paying for it.
    Dont pay for faith and promises. If I where paid for that I would take my sweet time either.

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    Longest tier and easiest tier = not a good thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betelgeuse View Post
    I hate to say "who really cares?" But seriously, who really cares?

    If you get bored of playing games, go outside and enjoy a little sunshine. Spring is almost here, you know...
    It's true, why waste 13€ on subscription if you don't have fun. Go experience other things and when the expansion hits you will enjoy it much more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okay View Post
    Longest tier and easiest tier = not a good thing
    You love trying to bait people huh?

    You need to work on being less obvious though.

    Hopefully the you won't kill the end boss of the first Mythic tier in under 8 pulls next time huh?....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toiran View Post
    Hopefully the you won't kill the end boss of the first Mythic tier in under 8 pulls next time huh?....
    Hopefully they actually make mythic challenging. The thought of a tier where bosses are finally hard again is the only thing keeping me from ditching this wow account. But knowing Blizzard and their recent tiers, there's a large chance it'll be majority faceroll like this tier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laughtrey View Post
    Because you're looking at it like a 4th grader. You do the same amount of quests, but level up half as much.

    You do 1 level per zone in Cata/MoP, and 2 per zone in BC/WotLK. It's pretty simple.

    If anything they've said it's going to be shorter, the leveling experience is going to be more cinematic and exploring the zones/story. Optional quests just pop up and are now truly optional. They're aiming for a short time leveling.
    And you're looking at it like a 3rd grader, insulting the poster you quoted.

    The poster you quoted wants to have more leveling content and nothing wrong with that. Doesn't necessitate you act like a jerk just because you think it wont happen.

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