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    R&R-SoO Edition

    My first "official" playlist for raiding, please like/subscribe if you're interested in any further playlists. Will be updated regularly throughout the tier. And if I get enough likes will do for future tiers.


    Mods if this is in the wrong forum please move as needed.

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    ...What? I'm not sure this is relevant anywhere. You took a bunch of music you like and stuck it together in a playlist. This an "offical"-something? It's... Stupid. I don't even know why you think this would be something relevant to raids and dungeons >.<.

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    This is horrible.
    "Rape & Rank-Seige of Org Edition" ... what a majestic playlist name /FACEPALM

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    First and hopefully last. In fact, it would have been better if you didn't do a first.

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    Trolls are out in full force today.

    Clearly I identified it as a playlist, this isn't a mash-up/remix or mix, so yes it's a combination of musical tracks played simultaneously next to each other. I understand that everyone has their own opinion/interests when it comes to music, if you didn't like it, you could have simply chosen to not post? I never claimed to be a dj or anything of the sort, just a playlist that hopefully some people can enjoy while raiding/pvping or whatever they are doing in WoW. Just because you don't like it, doesn't make it wrong.

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    By no means am I a troll. I gave you my opinion, and so did the previous two posters. This is what happens in a discussion forum. You post something, people discuss it, and they either agree or disagree with you (or start arguing about 10v25 man out of nowhere). What exactly did you expect - praise for your good deed for humanity, clicking songs you like and then posting a list with a "fancy" name on a forum dedicated to raids, dungeons, and PvE aspects of WoW just because you listen to it when you play the game?

    But anyway, to help you out, here:
    is where you'd post this - if you really feel that you need to.

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    There's no continuity here dude, there was absolutely no point in sharing this. It's YOUR personal (and rather strange IMO) taste of music, I have No idea how this is relevant to dungeons and raiding (or wow) at all.

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    I'm sure people know what music they want to listen to when playing WoW even if you didn't post this.

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    I prefer random internet discovery radio to predetermined playlists. I wouldn't want to listen to the same lineup of songs more than once.

    Unless we're talking about the new Glitch Mob album.

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    Well it's the first time I've seen someone raid to "flute" music anyway...

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    Uhm.. Yes. What can I say? At least you took some time and effort to make this and share it, which is kind of you.

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    Ugh, why is "rape" necessary in the title? Raping something is never a positive, ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonticus View Post
    It's YOUR personal (and rather strange IMO) taste of music, I have No idea how this is relevant to dungeons and raiding (or wow) at all.
    Exactly.. I mean, I'd post my favourite death metal playlist to rank on WoL to, but I don't think anyone would care..

    (haven't raided srsly in a while, maybe the cool kids all use warcraftlogs now)

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    "Rape n Rank"?


    I wonder what kind of persons who overuse "rape" in everything, either really dumb really young or just a combination of both.

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    Closing the topic, because it has nothing to do with raiding or dungeons. As everyone has their music preferences this forum is not the right one. You can indeed post in this forum if you you have something to share:
    Mari of Punished (EU, social raiding group/guild)
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