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    It'll be like Cata healing, if you had 2-3 times as much HP in Cata.

    I think it's a great idea, I hate the way healing is binary - you're either full HP or about to die. Means things like hots, single target heals, Shaman mastery and triage healing become irrelevant and we're playing a degenerate gameplay where absorbs are kings of the meter simply because they apply first in the game logic (which incidentally means you overgear the content).

    Instead in WoD, if someone's at low HP that doesn't mean they're going to die in a second. You don't have to keep everyone topped all the time, instead you choose how you want to heal and how much mana you want to spend doing it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beartastic View Post
    I remember cataclysm as "Crap, I just hit lvl 83. Better start reforging all of my gear for spirit because if I don't I'll be oom every other pull." It stayed like that pretty much until the second raiding tier. It wasn't fun until I was able to gem my meta with int + crit instead of spirit.
    You mean, reforge everything to spirit and STILL be oom every pull lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mannenabo View Post
    I've seen plenty of posts on the front page about cataclysm healing being bad at start, how do you guys remember it?

    before cata was released I was a little sad about healing, I loved casting all those fast heals and dont have to worry about mana as it was in wotlk.
    However when the expansion was released I had a blast doing heroics and loved the healing, but with more gear I was just able to spam aoe heals over and over, and in the end that was all I did.

    so tell me what you guys think, was it really that bad? I dont get at all why people think this way
    Yeah. Do not personally equate OOM 90% of the time and having to wait for healers while leveling and at lower ilvl once leveled as fun.
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    Cata healing was fine as soon as they buffed shaman to be remotely close to where the other healers were. I have no problem with going oom when having to spamheal people through chaotic no-cc pulls, but I want the numbers to match the effort. 25% across-the-board shaman buff came and gg.

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    Doesn't matter about the first month of healing in Cata. Healing was bugged so things weren't working correctly anyway.

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    What I remember the strongest is having to drink after each pull, not even touching raiding at all. TOO MUCH

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    I loved it as a holy pala. Cant have been fun for some tanks tho, had runs with a total of 10 diff tanks lol. "Mass pulls, dies. Comes back totally pissed off. Leaves." Fun times haha. Might have been a bit overtuned but I still think its around there a true hc 5 man should be. If the pug use some kind of teamwork ofc.
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    I'm probably a rarity in this, but I fondly remember the start of cata. I played a holy priest main back then. If you are able to play with friends who take the time to do everything right it was still difficult but not impossible. Keeping the tank topped off was the most important thing to do. I usually had renew to patch up injured dps'rs with the occasion serenity going on one of the melee's or the tank to keep renew ticking, and besides that it was using your low cost heal to keep the tank up, changing to the occasional greater heal.

    You had to manage your mana, could be that you went oom halfway through a bossfight, but then it comes to managing your cd's and setting priority targets.

    I for one hope it will be very much like this in WoD, minus the spiky damage on the tank.

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    While they were more difficult than Wrath heroics, the fact that people were used to chain-pulling and spamming short big mana cost heals and having the whole group topped off also contributed. I was in plenty of heroics where I was topped off with a Flash Heal or similar when I was only missing a few thousand HP as a DPS..
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    Cata healing was awesome, just not in LFD content. First month or two most PUGs were in the Wrath mindset of chainpulling, ignoring CC, ignoring mechanics etc. In good group healing was interesting and challenging. I played resto druid at that point. I actually had to use my toolkit properly, use low cost spells a lot and generally accept that it's ok to have people hovering around 50% most of the fight. If they died at that point, it was their own fault. You knew you had a good group if you could chainpull through the dungeon, not having to drink after every pack of mobs.

    Raiding was pretty much the same ordeal before you had full epic gear - you had to judge just how much you had to heal people to keep them alive, if you healed too much or too quickly you oomed before the fight ended.
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    Healing when I played with friends was right. Healing in pugs was hell. If hc dungeons are like the ones as the start of Cata dont wait me in the LFD.

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    I didn't heal in Cata (or ever) but I fondly remember early Cata because healers absolutely LOVED me as a Pally tank in LFD. Being able to almost handle my own healing with SoI and spamming WoG everytime I got enough Holy Power (With Eternal Flame having a chance to refund said holypower after use) was downright OP and made the healer capable of healing stupid. Shame it was so OP Blizz slapped a 20sec CD on WoG in 4.1 (iirc) just to get rid of it.

    Fun times. Fun times indeed

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    This killshot was made on the first week of Cata. It depicts Steelbender, which we killed on heroic with a guild group. Our guild used to be world top 1-2K on a weekly 10h schedule around that time, we had server first heroic raidboss kills all through Cata. This just to verify we weren't exactly bad players.
    The fact that we took a killshot explains how hard it was. (healer was me on disc, before early Cata disc regen buff)

    We also had a short discussion on the PUG strategy:
    - how do you kill this with a PUG?
    - you wait until it's nerfed

    Yes, healing was hard. A single big mistake or a few smaller ones from anyone in the party pretty much guaranteed an OOM wipe on most hc bosses.
    Hc nerfs and regen buffs arrived quickly, making PUG 5mans at least possible, but still very painful.
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    I preferred WotLK healing, but early Cata was ok.

    Loved the fast pace of LK, it was like dps almost. Those damage spikes, those damn resto druids on raid heals and fuck holy pallys on tank healing, OP YO!

    Did it all as a holy priest and pulled off top heals a lot. I hear they really suck now =(

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    Looks like the majority in this poll had a positive experience with Cata healing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grogo View Post
    Looks like the majority in this poll had a positive experience with Cata healing.
    1/3 liked it, 1/5 merely didn't mind it, 1/10 don't even heal, and over 1/3 have PTSD and require regular therapy sessions to this day.

    Even though I enjoyed Cata release, I think it's a little generous to say a 'majority' had a 'positive' experience. :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grogo View Post
    Looks like the majority in this poll had a positive experience with Cata healing.
    I think "it was fine" is pretty neutral, not really a positive. or are you including "I didn't even heal" as positive.

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    Cataclysm? I quit healing that day. (Druid)

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    It was fun! No spamming heals like total retard (see how many people here love spamming - says everything about mmo-champ community). You had to heal tacticly, think about your next move, what spell to use, watch mana. But as you had to think that's why people hated it, people don't like to think.

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    As a holy paladin, I enjoyed it. I healed every heroic 5 man pre-nerf in pugs and thought the tuning felt about right for heroic pugging. Did not raid at that time.

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