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    Based on the majority of the responses, I'm in total agreement with the OP.

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    When I'm gearing up a new tank (just did recently on my Monk) I really have no issue with overgeared DPS pulling and generally just making the run go faster than it would if they weren't.

    Then again, I don't do 5 mans because I enjoy them. I do them for the rewards at the end, the faster the better.

    I understand the people who do them because they enjoy them, and despise when a 570 geared DPS just solo's it for them, but they're pretty much a minority.

    Can you really blame people who want things done faster, take it into their own hands, and successfully make the run faster?

    Edit: the anecdote the OP shared has people just being assholes. I think its possible for an overgeared DPS to basically solo a run without being an asshole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vedni View Post
    Edit: the anecdote the OP shared has people just being assholes. I think its possible for an overgeared DPS to basically solo a run without being an asshole.
    That's pretty much the bottom line. I generally don't care so much when people run ahead as long as they do the following:
    • Refrain from bitching when players stop to loot
    • Loot skinnable corpses if there's a skinner in the group
    • Wait for everyone to catch up before pulling the boss
    • Wait for resurrections when players die
    • Refrain from bitching if they die due to their own stupidity
    • Don't blame the healer if the party wipes because they pulled something the group wasn't prepared for
    Quote Originally Posted by CandyCotton Marshmallows View Post
    People need to get over the gear color (and themselves). It doesn't matter, and it shouldn't matter what other players have either. Worry about your damn self. Live your life by that. If you want to concern yourself with someone else, then worry about HELPING them, not putting them down or making sure you stand out as better than them.
    Maybe the game would be better with more low DPS nice guys and fewer high DPS jerks? -- Ghostcrawler, Twitter, 6/29/13

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    To me, the responsibility of pulling is not stricly for the tank, though in most cases it just happens to be most convenient.

    In current hcs, if I join with my balance druid, I can and I will pull if the tank pulls even remotely slow. As far as I am concerned, no one does the current hcs with the intent of having a nice group experience where you carefully plan each pull with CCs and mana and what not. The reason people do hcs nowadays is for JPs, reputation and items. In all those cases, speed is the only thing that matters, who pulls does not.

    If my pulling ahead slows down the group, I won't pull ahead. If it speeds up things, I will pull ahead. And from my experience, most people appreciate that.

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    When I tank on my characters I know exactly what I can hold and can't hold and survive. Usually the first pull of a dungeon is to test my healer and see how quickly they react to my damage intake and to see how their mana regen is. Usually the only reason I stop pulling is if I'm waiting for a short CD ability to come (death and decay, avenger's shield etc) off CD (5 secs or less is my cutoff point) or stopping to loot a pile of corpses. Sometimes I don't pull an extra pack as its awkward to get them to group up with the previous, at least while any non-melee are left in the previous group. I have leveled 14 characters to level cap with many of them being tank so I know all the dungeons backwards and forwards and all the tricks of the mobs and bosses. My biggest pet peeve is when I'm rooted to the ground and people run off and pull everything.
    I give bad feedback all the time, I just dont rage or give them shit. Paying for content does not gives you the license to be an asshole.

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    Cba to read every response but I do see a lack of etiquette in dungeons mainly because quite a few of the people you run into while doing dungeons are not doing them for the wonderment or exploration of the dungeon, but as a means of an end to get to lvl cap as fast as possible.

    I've been a tank where I just pulled everything and gave very little thought to what other people were joining the dungeon for (be it first timers, dungeon-crawlers, or somebody just looking to relax and do a little group play) and now I try and pull at a steady pace but also make sure to be a team player for everyone involved.

    A friend of mine told me how she was on edge as my healer because I just ran way ahead of her and pulled everything (I was just trying to hit lvl cap) and she really enlightened me to how differently she looked at dungeons. Dungeons shouldn't be stressful for anyone involved, it should be a fun group activity.

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    I always say:

    If the tank dies it's the healer's fault
    If the healer dies it's the tank's fault
    If the dps dies it's their own damn fault

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