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    I know questing has been boring of late across the board, but have you tried, like, going to a different zone maybe? I had trouble completing Dread Wastes even at 90 due to disliking it, so I imagine it's worse without a flying mount.
    Usually my characters hit 89 with just 1-2 zones completed (1 if it's Jade forest) while staying in dungeon que (as DPS they're far from instant).

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    I did quests.

    Pandaria is a beautiful continent. Do some exploring and help out the Pandarens!

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    quest. Dreadwastes is the worst & it's painful but just do it.
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    Do whatever you feel like but doing quest will be faster if you skip all the text/lore/talk. Beside it will feel like AGES if you wipe in a dung.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VeganHunter View Post
    The thought of questing to 90 in Dread Wastes is, quite frankly, a dreadful thought.

    I only ever did any MoP dungeons on my first character on the way to 90. Didn't really think they were worth doing, as I recall.... and I don't have need for any gear except weapons upgrades, thanks to the Isle.

    I realize that 17 bars won't take that long to get to 90, but I'm just not even feeling like I want to spend a few hours questing. I don't PvP due to the fact that I am so bad at it or I might do that......

    Is it worth doing dungeons?

    I am putting this character aside til I have all blue bars if there isn't a better way to 90..... yeah, I KNOW that is kind of stupid at this point, but I really hate getting from 89 to 90.
    Depending on your class and spec, doing worm circles on the Isle is actually really, really fast (even compared to questing).

    It has its dangers of course, but it breaks up the monotony, and is very rewarding if you're able to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timm201 View Post
    You might want to find a guide including all the treasures in pandaria, they give quite a chunk of HP, its how i level 50% of 89-90.
    i believe there is a guide here on mmo-champion!

    you might want to have a friend fly you around though, they are quite spread out!
    Do this, it's really quick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blade Wolf View Post
    from personal experience, dungeons from 89-90 is probably among the most painful leveling you'll experience because of the *high amount of stupid* you'll get from dungeons.

    Seriously, as someone that's leveled multiple alts to 90 solely from dungeon xp, I gotta be 100% honest and say it isn't worth it. In the early levels, hell yes. Especially as a tank or healer. You pop in, run for 5 minutes, and get 2-3 levels.

    But the more current you get in terms of content, the bigger [email protected]#$s the random players become.

    The xp in MoP dungeons is godawful, and even the one-shot quests barely compensate for that.

    Especially when you compare it to Timeless Isle, or even Dread Wastes.

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    So many seem to dislike Dread Wastes. I really enjoy leveling in the wastes.

    Except for the underwater parts. Fuck that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luccas View Post
    You can try doing pet battles in Valley of 4 Winds, it's aproximately 1% xp per win. Whole level takes around 3 hours to get that way, but you can watch movie meanwhile on another screen or something.

    pet battles at 89 give about 204,000 xp, every 3 minutes. goes fast.

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    Just suck it up and do 2 hours of questing and be 90...

    That's my suggestion... of course do whatever you like

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    Do the dungeons have quests. I believe they give roughly 500k exp per quest. If you really don't want to quest nor do dungeons; I'd say collect the treasures around pandaria. They'll give you roughly 1500g and roughly a whole level.

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    Dreadwastes imo is the fastest way to level from 89-90.

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    when u gat 1/3 to half way through - switch to gathering the rare treasures.

    also rested xp helps a ton.
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    i bg in that time, since u are still beast untill u hit 90, than u start sucking

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    If you're tank or healer then que dungeons unti lyou lvl. and it'll happen quick.

    if you're dps, que, do quests and kill everything in the area until you enter dungeon. Rinse and repeat. real fast this way unless of course the group you join just continues to reque.

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    Dread Wastes takes no more than 2 hours at most; just suck it up and do it. The only parts that suck are the ones where you can't use a useful Klaxxi buff like Angel of Death (the part where you're forced to use Malik's buff is horrible)

    It's not like you won't run across Pandaren Treasures in the process; I almost always find at least three of them while questing (and Dread Wastes has the highest volume of Treasures in it)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blade Wolf View Post
    from personal experience, dungeons from 89-90 is probably among the most painful leveling you'll experience because of the low amount of exp you'll get from dungeons.
    Through a combination of Jade Forest and dungeons on my recent prot warrior (and some rested xp) I got to 88 and a half. At 88 I started getting mogushun palace and the monastery constantly. Both are slow going with dps at that level and I haven't seen the kind of xp I originally did. I also got the quests/first time in those places at 87 (got loot before I could use it from the palace) so I didn't have that boost. I wouldn't recommend it.

    How are you already to the dreadwastes though? Like I said, 88.5 with just the Jade Forest. I joined this expansion late but my first character was 90 before being halfway through Kun Lai.

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    Time its taken to get responses you would probably be 90 by questing through dread wastes

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    Pet Battles. Get two 25s and a random. Level your pets while you level yourself. 174K per battle.

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    Quest...It's the best possible way. With dungeons you assume risk, such as having a bad or slow tank, bad dps, bad heals, but most of all a long queue.
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