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    MoP didn't allow flying mount in the current progress zones (Isle of Thunder and the Timeless Isle) so he probably meant that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farora View Post
    Good news, but

    a big BUT

    Make the ground mounts faster for gods sake. They are so mindnumbingly slow. When you ride a tiger it doesn't feel like riding a tiger, but more like riding a turtle.
    with the current speed when you ride a kodo it feels like you are riding a tiger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krazzorx View Post
    Near the end of the interview they hint at no flying throughout the entire xpac.
    He said no flying when the next exp ships and he said that he could see a possible future expansion without flying. Neither hints that WoD will have no flying at all. Blizz already said they'd give it back to us at 6.1. Stop baiting.

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    They should copy one of the upcoming MMOs.
    Remove flying, but make roads give a speed buff so traveling is faster.

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    Welp, barring it till the first patch was already hard to swallow, but if this shit goes through... I'll still keep playing. I'll be angry while I do it, but I'll play.
    Now you see it. Now you don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dryadius View Post
    They aren't screwing anyone over. I personally think you're just getting overly worked up. There will be flying in 6.1. And for those who actually didn't watch or pay attention to the video, I'll say it again. Watch at around the 5:50 mark in the video. No flying at ship. That means no flying at launch, not for the entire expansion. It is a good choice to make because it actually forces players to actually explore there environment, that so many artists put so much time and effort into instead of skipping everything.
    It doesn't force you to explore, I would even argue that it makes for less exploration. It forces you on the ground, that's the biggest difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostile View Post
    They should copy one of the upcoming MMOs.
    Remove flying, but make roads give a speed buff so traveling is faster.
    Being incentivised to travel on a narrow path through the zone or being incentivised to fly. I see no difference, you still aren't going out into the zone.

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    Possibly won't even play wow another entire exp (first one was cata)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzaman View Post
    Probably by some numbers, but also at the same time when player for forced to stay on the ground (excluding flight paths and zeppelins), as (s)he will also need to watch out for obstacles; walls, hostile villages, mountains, and so on. So at least it'll make players a bit more "in" the zone and make the world more meaningful than with current situation where player just flies to 100 meters high and put auto-run on until (s)he reaches the destined location.
    Make the skybox less high then, if that's what the devs think is the problem. I don't see many people flying that high though.

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    He did say "at ship". But if there was no flying at all through the xpac I wouldn't quit i'd just want to get the money I spent on my iron skyreaver back.

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    If they do that I will officially declare Blizzard has lost their fucking minds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzaman View Post
    And go wonder if they'd actually limit the skybox to... lets say 40 yards height where you could still fly ahead but in meantime you could still be attacked by players or enemies on the ground with instant attacks. I can already imagine the amount of pissed messages on the forum how they are getting dazed whenever they try to fly over enemy camp/village.
    And that's why I don't play on a PvP realm At least players can't really dismount you unless they have the Hardened Shell.

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    I just wanna say that I bought some flying mounts out of the store and I want to be able to use them.
    Why did I pay money for 'm otherwise?

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    And watch as all the people before Cata go like: hell yeah this is f*cking nice
    and all the people since Cata go like: omg Imma quit

    This is the best thing they could do,

    BY FAR

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    I don't see why all people that played before Cata would automatically love it. In BC you could fly once you reached lvl 70, in WotLK even before max level. Not to mention Blizzard back then actually made quests using flying mounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jothium View Post
    And watch as all the people before Cata go like: hell yeah this is f*cking nice
    and all the people since Cata go like: omg Imma quit

    This is the best thing they could do,

    BY FAR
    Could you explain to me how its the best thing? Could you also explain what you mean by "before cata". I can't agree that this is the "best thing by far". When did they have their peak? Wrath. What was around during their peak? Flying. Heck, wrath introduced flying mounts through achievements. Flying has been a part of this game since BC. They won't be able to take it away now. The vast majority of players around today have only been around while they could fly.

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    If this happens, I will be so incredibly happy.

    And no, I won't get into those "you don't have to use flying mounts if you don't want to" -arguments. They are just silly. I will not handicap myself on purpose in a video game. It's the same as pressing insta BiS-button, I would do it if offered and then be bored.

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    Flying wasn't a bit part of TBC for me at all, the decent flying mount was 5000 gold which was a lot for most players back then, I spent a good part of the xpac with the amazing 60% flight, getting around on the ground was actually faster in many ways.

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    I could see the arguments for it on PvP servers, because lets face it, thats what flying as affected the most. I could understand removing it completely from PvP servers, having played on one for the first 5-6 years of WoW, I understand some of the affect it had on world PvP ( although I think BG's and Arena's did far more to harm it than flying ever did).

    With that in mind, for me removing flying mounts really wouldn't bring that much to a PvE server. I do far more exploring and getting out in the world for the hell of it than I ever did back in Vanilla. That said, I do understand the benefit of restricting it for the leveling experience, it does make the world slightly more dangerous and a bit more majestic from the start. However, once you are max level, its not dangerous at all and never has been. The majesty of it all is already lost because you've already seen it.

    I would argue, at least on PvE servers, that flying hasn't harmed the game in anyway and won't in the future. Frankly if they went back to ground mounts only, and designed the world like the used to ( there was nothing there if you were from the air) I wouldn't see it being done to make the game better, it would be done to make the game easier and cheaper to produce.

    Its just my personal opinion, but them wanting to remove flying is for two major reasons ( like 95% of it). It would probably make PvP servers better ( granted thats if your server is even remotely close to being balanced) and it would be cheaper and easier for them to create content. Anything else gained would be very very minor ( For example, what is or isn't immersive is different for each individual)

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    That seems a bit too much to me. I'm totally fine not flying untill the first major patch but all expac seems excessive considering some of us have spent so long grinding and searching for certain flying mounts. Plus if they took away flying mounts it would hinder the designers aswell as it's nice and easy to have flying only reachable areas and stuff like that. I hope they don't do it because it would annoy alot of us and possibly even cause quite a few to unsub as it'll just end in us /afk on flightpaths 95% of the time while travelling.

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