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    Back to BC

    Griffter goes back in time to the Burning Crusade and must make his way using only his knowledge of the era gained from the official forums.

    Link to video:

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    The vanilla video was better XD

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    All I'll say is that as a Mage that missed the initial wave of players leveling and repping up due to reality intruding the attunements were functionally impossible. I couldn't get to Revered with the various factions without running the Heroic versions of their dungeons, running them over and over. I would try to form groups for hours and nearly always fell either a tank or a healer short. I only managed to run a handful of the Heroics I needed to run and was locked out of raiding until Blizzard lowered the required Rep to Honored sometime around Black Temple IIRC.

    It really stank.

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    Very nice! Love it!

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    lol, really is how most people are they feel nostalgic and all but honestly i wouldn't want to go back to vanilla

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreoras View Post
    The vanilla video was better XD
    Indeed, agreed.

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    What a nice misrepresentation of what it was like.

    Sure SOME people did not like the attunements
    Sure SOME people were rude to eachother
    Sure SOME people were scared of the fellreaver
    Sure SOME people took ages finding a group
    Sure SOME people had issues keeping a tank or healer in their group without it dissolving

    Had I ANY of these issues? Had ANY of my friends ingame these issues? Hell no!

    What I agree with (but due to it also had a blast) is that I did not like needing to be revered (yes before it was nerfed) to be able to do heroic dungeons. I spent far too much time running these "normal" dungeons before I could finally do what I wanted to do = heroic dungeons (before they got nerfed).
    The rest was pretty much awesome.

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