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    What was your favorite, most epic quest/event in WoW?

    Personally, I really liked the Twilight Highlands quest in Cataclsym (just did it now). The whole fleet, dragons, Garrosh - just epic.

    As for event, opening of the Dark Portal was quite fun. PvP server - enough said

    What's your experience?

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    The Battered Hilt quest line for Quel'Delar. Learning the lore behind it was quite enjoyable.

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    Battle for the Undercity will always be my favorite. Hearing Sargeras at the end of it made it so much better.

    And yeah, the Horde Twilight Highlands entry quest was nothing short of amazing as well.

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    The Wrathgate and its undercity followup were one of my favorite but the followup in UC was removed at some point, pisses me off to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lime View Post
    Battle for the Undercity will always be my favorite.

    And yeah, the Horde Twilight Highlands entry quest was nothing short of amazing as well.
    Pity I took a break from WoW back then, saw the Battle for the Undercity only on youtube, truly amazing! Why, oh why did they remove it? Wanna do it so badly.

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    The Tirion questchain in vanilla

    Wrath Gate

    DK starting area

    The Arthas chain in Icecrown

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    In general wow, I always liked the Linken's Sword questline. It wasn't fast levelling with all the travel between Un'goro and Winterspring, but it was very touching.
    Honorable mentions for the one in Duskwood, where the sword in the ground near the graveyard, and the Onyxia key quest.

    As a personal experience my most epic moment was 2 manning the whole of BRD in classic WoW, as a mage with a rogue friend. No tanks, no healers.
    Took us 14 hours, including 4x full trash clear to the emperor. It took quite a while for us to work out a strategy to kill him.

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    Cata rogue quests in DS. loved it all.

    And who can forget punching Deathwing in the face!

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    I liked the original Paladin horse quest although it took a very long time to find people willing to do the dungeon runs for it.

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    I loved the final questline at the end of Bloodmyst Isle, going into a makeshift blood elf fortress full of elites, to blow it up and defeat an Eredar. And I love the Tabard of the Hand as well.
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    Angrathar - The Wrathgate

    The entire quest chain was fun. I am sad they took out the tail end with the raid on Under City.

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    My favorite moments were less scripted. The first time I saw the sunset on pre-cataclysm Desolace. Riding through the enemy towns of Duskwood. Flying over Dalaran and the armies of Ice Crown. The discovery of something new and exotic is a great pleasure.

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    The Tirion Fordring EPL quest chain back in Classic WoW. If it actually worked in the end (there was a bug or something where he'd occasionally fail to show up and save your ass at the end, or he'd show up too late).

    Also, the Crusader Bridenbrad stuff in Icecrown and DK quest chain in Ebon Hold get honorable mentions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostSkull View Post
    My favorite moments were less scripted. The first time I saw the sunset on pre-cataclysm Desolace.
    That was indeed amazing:
    I still have a screenshot of that, had it as my desktop background for a while:

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    Battle for the Undercity, Hunter staff/bow epic quest, and Tethyr Theramore questline.
    Never got to experience Quel'delar.

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    The Ahnqiraj chain, with the black qiraji battle mount. Gotta be the longest I had done and the most satisfying one. The queldelar one was also awesome, as well as the wrathgate- battle of undercity.

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    My Paladin's Charger Quest Chain (unnerfed)
    Onyxia Attunement Quest Chain
    Molten Core Attunement Quest Chain
    BWL Attunement Quest Chain
    Key to UBRS Quest Chain
    Quel'Serrar Quest Chain
    Tirion Fordring Quest Chain (about his son in EPL)
    Attunement for Mount Hyjal/Black Temple Quest Chain
    Getting certain keys for heroic dungeons in TBC
    Battle for Undercity

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    Onyxia key quest chain.
    Wrathgate quest chain.
    Paladin charger quest chain.
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    Wrathgate was kinda epic. But so was ony quest chain

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