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    What is currently the best hunter pvp spec?

    Something I wanted to know, and I need the post count to post links on my other query posts so might as well ask.

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    MM and Survival are both really good. It depends which comp you're playing, but in general they're both kinda equal I think.

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    Statistically, marks is the dominant spec right now.

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    I usually do arenas with my mistweaver monk friend, would that impact the choice at all? Also I'm heroically raiding as MS survival atm so would have to relearn MM, would that be worth the time investment? I do tire of becoming dead whenever a half decent team pops up

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    MM right now is totally the way to go i would relearn

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    so whats the stat prio for MM in pvp right now?

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    MM right now seems to be doing really well.

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    MM is currently the top spec in 3v3.
    5v5 its a tie between surv/mm
    2v2 bm shines a bit more due to the burst(especially when paired with a rogue/ret/mage/ele)

    rbg's it really varies. I would never play surv in rbg's but that is because i'm not comfortable in a bg setting with that spec. I normally go bm/mm depending on the RBG comp.
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    Agility, Agi/Crit and Agi/PvP Power should be your gemming choices. Some don't bother with Agi/PvP Power gems and opt for just Delicates there. Gear choices are fairly straightforward, if you can get Cruelty, get it.

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    MM is indeed best. And it's not too hard to relearn.

    Gemming is as above, agi, agi/crit and agi/hit or agi/pvp. Reforge into crit, then haste or mastery, whichever you prefer. Mastery is better raw damage, haste is better regen, your choice.

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