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    The Lightbringer
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    3,300 The Red version. I like that it's compact and weird. For Ground mounts, the Chopper's probably my favorite because anyone can come hop in and the animation for it looks cool to me.

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    Innsbruck, Austria
    Ground: (Glyphed) Thalassian Charger.
    Flying: Pandaren Phoenixes, really beautiful voice and model.

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    Flying : Onyxian Drake - Because of the luck it took to get it... I got it in a 10-man pug while Ony 10 was current content. So it had to 1. drop 2. I had to win roll 3. The Raidleader had to be an honest guy and not ninja it.

    I don't know the odds of those 3 things happening, but it must be low %

    Ground : Swift Zulian Tiger - Because I farmed it SO much that it felt so great when it finally dropped.

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    Ashes, because of the mesmerizing pink ribbons.
    Also Netherdrakes because of Nostalgia.

    But generally my trusty old Emerald Hippogryph.

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    Ground: Water Strider. It's bloody ugly and common, but I love the convenience. Invincible will take over this spot if I ever get it.

    Flying: Pureblood Firehawk. I really find it the coolest mount in game and I love how it works with color-changing stuff (like disgusting oozelings).

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    Backyard. Digging for oil.
    Darkspear Raptor
    Ashen Pandaren Pheonix
    Troll's Life Mon.

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    Swifty Orange Raptor as well as this one here:

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    Always loved horses. Especially for fast classes[DK/Paladin] : Archerus Deathcharger and Crimson Deathcharger
    Mechanohog for some characters. Doesn't look good with robe type gear but otherwise pretty epic

    Bloodbathed frostbrood vanquisher [Not even rare but I hardly see anyone use it these days.]

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    Fareham, England
    Ground: Invincible
    Flying: Invincible
    Reasons: Invincible.

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    24 Hours of Lemons track
    Ground: My swift Spectral Tiger, 2nd is RAven Lord.

    Flying: I swap between the Heart of Aspects and Enchanged Fey Dragon. I really want the X-51 as that's my favorite but I have yet to pick it up.
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    Ground: Stormpike Battle Charger, just because my Dwarf Warrior looks badass on it.

    Flying: Cenarion War Hippogryph. Same reason...I just think my warrior looks cool on it.

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    Ground - Magic Rooster. No, seriously.

    Flying - One of two. Lifebinders Handmaiden, which suits my paladin perfectly, or Thundering Ruby Serpent, because it's the first mount I've put a great deal of effort into.
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    Ground: Chopper
    Flying: I dont fly

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    Ground - Amber Scorpion. I fell in love with the Klaxxi so I'm very fond of it.
    Flying - I've got two, Cenarion War Hippogryph because BC rep farm feels. Thundering August Cloud Serpent because farming August Celestials rep is a pain in the arse but the lightning effects are awesome. Sometimes I use Al'ar if I feel like it.

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    Ground - Reins of the Raven Lord. Because it looks cool and worked a good few months farming it.

    Flying - Reins of the Ironbound Proto-Drake. Because it looks epic and had an amazing time working on the achievements required. Oh "Firefighter" how don't i miss ye.

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    Firehawk. The only mount I ever wanted. Before that they were just a tool for getting around faster. The moment I saw the model in the patch notes for the first time ever in wow I fell in love with a mount. The day I got it I was so ecstatic. Years and years of raiding and it was by far the best drop I ever got. Even legendary drops were not as good. Legendary's only last a patch or two. The mount lasts will wow shuts down.

    I have ashes but it is meh.
    Angels and Airwaves
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    - Winterspring Frostsaber

    - Magnificent Flying Carpet

    Prefer to fly so I rarely see my Winterspring Frostsaber.

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    Obsidian Nightwing. Works both flying and ground, allows a passenger, fits through doors, no awkward leg spread.
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    Even though I have quite a few rare mounts. They are not my favorite. My favorite is the Amani warbear for ground and currently I don't have a favorite flying mount.

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    Favorite Flying: Frostwyrm Vanquisher for getting the meta as current content
    Favorite Ground: Should be the ZA bear from the original achievement for the same reasons as above, but is the AQ battle tank from archy

    Honorable mentioning to engineer mounts like the heli, the golem and the always awesome Netherwing drakes. Oh yeah..vial of sands...dang..too many..

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