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    No more flying EVER and you will like it

    Looks like no flying through entire expansion is a real possibility. Lol at blizzard making millions off flying mounts then grounding them all. Even with flying travel is so slow

    Anyhow go to WoD general discussion forums on this website. It is important people see the post and talks some sense into the moron giving the interview. Another dev saying "waaaaa waaaa, their not looking at my tree (at least that's what I got from saying no flying can be cool)

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    There is already an open thread: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ut-entire-xpac

    Since this thread is particularly non-constructive, I'm closing it and redirecting to the open thread. Please post there with constructive posts only. There is no need to start calling developers morons.

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