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    Angry Having too many alts?

    Ok so I have a problem with alts and need some advice. I can't stick with one character for more than a few days. I have 11 90s, It sucks because I want to get into raiding but can't progress far enough with one character before I get bored with it and switch to another character. My highest ilvl char is 523, which is pathetic for someone who wants SO badly to get into Norm raiding. This has been a problem since WoTLK. I'm considering deleting like 8 or 9 of those 90s and having just 2 or 3 characters. I don't think I'd want to relevel more characters again, but there is always a slight possibility I would relevel. This is so frustrating seeing everyone with there 570+ characters and I'm sitting on crap sub-LFR geared toons. I play a LOT too, no work at the moment so I'm on almost all day every day. What should I do? Should I delete those characters? Make a whole new account? Help me with my altoholism problem :/

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    Why not just raid on multiple chars, if you got the time? Atm I've got two 578s and a 570, with some other random 530-550s and I play, so I don't get bored

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    I have so many alts, on so many realms.
    Only one 90, most are 85 some are 80-84.
    I eventually get bored and always come back to the warlock O.o
    Is it hot in here, or is that just your flesh burning?

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    Learn some self control.

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    try to focus on one ot two accounts.

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    Find a class you enjoy and is needed. Then play it.

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    Figure out which class you enjoy the most and stick with it. There's nothing else you can really do until you find it. lol. Though I will say if you want to get into normal raiding, a lock is always a good thing. They bring so much to the table. A battle rez, health food, those gate thingys, plus they hit like trucks. They're beasts.

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    yea, dont over extend yourself, what i did was check which toon i can do the most dungeons in a day without getting bored of it.

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    I have, 2 accounts active atm, 12 90's soon to be 13, I raid on 2 toons, 1 is 14/14N other is 5/14 I think.

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    I used to be an altoholic back in the old days. It caused me to miss raiding until ICC times even though I started my account in 2005.

    I now have the opposite problem. I only play / raid on one character and I can't find interest in alts. It takes too long to level them through the same old content. I managed to get a 2nd 90 but all the extra work required to cap and farm gear every week has put me off logging onto that character at all.

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