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    So many ellipses! It hurt to read

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombadrol View Post
    2 reasons - Beer & Wine
    Well, this explains a lot...

    ..anyway, to answer your question: my view of Blizzard has changed over time because I realized that I didn't like most of their decisions regarding the game. Not all of them, but most of them.

    I could care less about the Blizzard store. Honestly they haven't raised their prices on subs and expansions for almost a decade, the store is necessary at this point to keep costs down...people need to get paid, etc. If you don't like the store then don't purchase stuff from it.

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    I don't know how much the OP's post was edited, but jesus, I've never seen so many people clearly not reading the post at all.

    Nearly every post is about something else, as if it's skimmed and they post the generic rage reply or argument XYZ.

    As for the actual question, I can't really answer it, I still haven't seen a post and thought "Bet that's a store mount", it will happen eventually I guess.

    A view that has changed over time with Blizzard though is, believing what they say, it's just got to the point now where no faith is left at all in what they say, there was always doubt, but always a little hope to counter it, not now tbh.

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