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    Why did they fuck over Demonlogy?

    PvP, PvE - It doesn't matter. Super subpar compared to Destro / Affli.


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    TBH I agree I would really like for demonology to be good in PvP its really fun to play and I just like having a felguard!!! But it seems the slightest buff to demo makes it OP and the slightest nerf makes it weak. Blizzard just needs to finda good middle point. They dont want demo 2 shotting people like it was!!! lol

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    They didn't fuck over Demo, they fucked over the other 2 specs to scale better and have better base DPS. They already said Destro/Aff are overperforming.

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    Wrath / Cata Demo was the best, they added too many bloat abilities and gimics.

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    They screwed it up because of a stupid trinket...idiots

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    Quote Originally Posted by TiagoRamos View Post
    They screwed it up because of a stupid trinket...idiots
    Well, that's only half the story. In pvp, demo only became famous because of the numbers we pulled in the beginning of the expansion. Once we got nerfed, we disappeared into the abyss once again. Blizzard likes to say that we are still viable, but of course no one wants to arena with demo when affliction (and even destruction) pull way ahead in terms of sustained dmg.

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    Demo is fine. It's just that Affliction and Destro are far above the mid to high average. They're outliers, not the standard.

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    Are you kidding me OP? Demo still does amazing dmg.

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    Demo died when Mists launched. The new Demo sucks. I liked Cata Demo far better.

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    I think Demo will play better after snapshotting is gone. Then fix the AoE problems and it should be fine.

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    Because people exploited it in PvP back in like 5.0-5.1 I think. And then exploited in PvE back in 5.2-5.3? Then Blizz, as usual, took the nerf bat and over did it.

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    i enjoyed demo with the lei shen trinket, was the most fun i ever had.

    to bad instead of balancing it they decided to gut the only fun spec.

    they already did it before with chaos bolt while other abilities hit the same just not flashy.
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    Demo had too much fun in ToT, ruined it for the rest of the expansion.

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    I loved demo in wrath but since mop its just to clunky and acward imo i love destro now super fun and fast paced wish they never changed the way demo worked

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehterokkar View Post
    They didn't fuck over Demo, they fucked over the other 2 specs to scale better and have better base DPS. They already said Destro/Aff are overperforming.
    You know, plus that whole nerf Demo 2 weeks into 5.4 thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aceshigh View Post
    You know, plus that whole nerf Demo 2 weeks into 5.4 thing.
    It was because the scaling was getting beyond silly, I think they should have just nerfed UVLS to not snapshot Doom

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    Demo is still a great.
    If you're a good player with good gear you'll do great.
    But if you pick another spec, you'll blow other people out of the water.

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    Demo is stronger than some classes that only have 1 dps spec. Not a reason to complain honestly. If anything the other 2 specs should be nerfed.

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    Demo is still fine. The problem is most of the fights in SoO heavily favor the damage Destro/Affliction brings to the table. If anything the other 2 specs are OP. Demo could use a little love, such as the wild imp damage nerf reverted, but it's honestly not that big of a deal. If you know how to play Demo, it can give decent results, but it's not OP status like the other two.

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    So the warlock way of crying is when only 2 of the 3 specs are overpowered you want the third one to be as well? Nice.
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