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    Has anyone done a survey sent to them by Blizzard?

    Not a two or three question survey, more than that, like 10 or more multiple choice questions? I have never received one after 8-9 years. I did quit at MOP (and started again recently) but have never received one.

    A survey I could envision would look like (just an example):

    Q) What is the most important gameplay aspect for you when playing an World Of Warcraft?

    a) PvP

    B) Social interaction

    c) Story/Lore

    D) Raiding

    E) Leveling / 5 man Dungeons

    (say I picked D raiding) it should really drill down into likes/dislikes.

    Question: Do you like the current model

    A) Yes

    B) NO

    (then would drill down again with pertinent questions)

    Yeah, I have never seen one of these. You would think I would have by now, has anyone done one? If so, was it short or in-depth?

    If not, post that too. You would think this would be really beneficial.

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    Only one I ever get is the CSAT survey after a ticket.

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    I would imagine they monitor this from their end and don't really need us to tell them.

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    Well, here's the thing, most companies do this because they want to improve the product for their users. No one I know (in guild) or friends (ingame) have taken any survey or seen one. That seems odd.

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    I think there was some tied to the Betas I've been other than that I have no clue.

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    I've taken two in five years. One was short, less than 15 questions. One was about 40 questions about quality of life and other things. There were quite a few of the "I'll make statement and you tell me from 1 to 10 how much you agree or disagree with this" questions. I wish now I had done screenshots of it since it was during Cataclysm beta.
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