View Poll Results: What race is your main Priest character?

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  • Draenei

    11 5.21%
  • Dwarf

    7 3.32%
  • Gnome

    11 5.21%
  • Human

    29 13.74%
  • Night Elf

    16 7.58%
  • Worgen

    11 5.21%
  • Blood Elf

    43 20.38%
  • Goblin

    9 4.27%
  • Tauren

    8 3.79%
  • Troll

    31 14.69%
  • Undead

    28 13.27%
  • Pandaren (Alliance)

    3 1.42%
  • Pandaren (Horde)

    4 1.90%
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    Red face Why did you chose that race for main Priest character?

    Why did you chose that race (the race you chose) for main Priest character?

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    I like being a Gnome Priest cus they are small and cute!

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    BE fem, because I like the frame for Xmog and racial.
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    Every Horde healer I had was a blood elf, just for the 6k mana every2 minutes. I know that trolls have a very good throughput racial, but playing a troll would destroy my dignity.

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    I watch a lot of WoWCrendor

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    SMelding CC

    I didn't choose the Nelf life, the Nelf life chose me

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    worgen... only ally race with nice loox... and i'm not talking about facesurgery-bambi.

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    Tried blood elf at first for the mana regeneration and then switched to troll for the throughput.
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    I Choose Belf, 'cus arcane torrent is almost Perfect match for Holy Priest as Horde

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    Worgen male cause i really like them

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    Originally I started as a Human, because the alternative I'd really wanted simply wasn't yet an option in the game. I've tried NElf and Dwarf, and both bothered me for different reasons... (Draenei didn't exist yet)

    Now I'm a Gnome. Because I'd always wanted to be a WoW Gnome, so the day it became available I transformed. Why Gnome? Because I like small characters, and WoW's Gnomes appeal to me. Sometimes I miss having gear that doesn't look super deformed on my character, but not enough to switch back.
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    Originally Draenei because of Fear Ward, Symbol of Hope, and the 1% hit racial.

    Now Worgen because of the 1% crit racial and Darkflight.
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    Troll, because most of my Horde characters are Trolls. They all look identical too. I was troll before it was cool to be troll.

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    Troll for Beserking.

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    Undead, lore wise the real shadow priests.

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    Draenei cause i love their death animation (they are one of my favorites alliance race)

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    Blood Elf due to the models looking better than others. As of the new models, I might switch to Human/Draenei/Night Elf depending on the update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxilian View Post
    Draenei cause i love their death animation (they are one of my favorites alliance race)
    You know you are bad at the game if you pick your race for the death animation.

    OT: Blood elf, picked it for my pally when faction changing to horde(before tauren could be paladins), now I need that racial
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    Undead female. I really just like their emotes and the volume of them the most. An entire raid can be making noise and they'll still hear her /cheer, /roar, or /openfire with 100% clarity.

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    Well made it in TBC, took it as Human for the 10% spirit bonus it gave then which was a nice bonus when all Priests were holy. I faction swapped in TBC for something to do, BE for the same reason, arcane torrent. Then went back when i started it as my main in cata to human for the same reason. Although the spirit buff is now only 3%, when cata launched regen mattered.

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