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    Quinn and valor LOL Transmog help

    Hey guys ! I just got my fresh 90 hunter called Quinn with a bird pet Valor, from league of legends

    I was wondering if you know a way to transmog her into something similar to Quinn !!

    Something just like this !!

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    I had the same exact idea, and same skin in mind the other day O_O
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    Only thing I can suggest is the X-bow from Protectors in SoO, Raid Finder version. Has the gold/purple colorations like your picture.

    Hunters don't have anything purple, gold *and* feathery too them. Just purple and gold (Dragonstalker's).

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    isnt there a feathery themed set in one of the MoP tiers for shaman. You could try to find the usual "look alike" pieces that match the tier set, though i dont know if they come in the right color.

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    Yeah I was trying to find something something "look alike". Not extremely perfect as the picture. Oh btw about the pet, the only one look alike is a Red Owl from Terokkar, there's none fabulous pet like her. I'd really love the Phoenix from Mount Hyjal was a tamable pet

    Anyway if someone is looking for the Classic skin, I got some ideas from here:

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    I'd suggest downloading the WoW model viewer and looking at http://www.icy-veins.com/transmogrif...dels-guide-wow. It shows all the available transmog items for hunters.
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    Merciless Gladiator's Crossbow of the Phoenix?

    That'd be my go-to for the weapon, atleast.

    Beyond that, PVE Tier 2 for the armor?
    Firelands Hunter / Tier 12 Heroic version?
    BattleForge Mail Gear? (It's lowbie/old world but.)

    I realize those aren't quite the right colors, or appearances but they are what come to mind as "as close as you can get" feeling/theme-wise. I'd check out Icy-veins Transmog guides, too, they show you every single piece of armor by tier sets, armor sets, and also have a way to view piece by piece .. i.e., every mail glove in the game .. or every leg armor, etc. You might be able to find what you want that way.

    EDIT: Beaten to the link to Icy-veins but yeah, I'd second that. Definitely check that out.

    EDIT2: Glancing at this thread and thinking about the normal/blue Quinn. Tier 10 off-set hunter mail chest from ICC, I think. Hunter T9 Pants? I think those are blue. Gotta be able to find some gold-ish gauntlets somewhere. Shoulders' are impossible. Probably some boots in there somewhere. Dunno about the crossbow.
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