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    Quote Originally Posted by Xarius View Post
    This QQ is actually pretty funny.
    WW's indeed seem strong in 2v2 at 1200-1500 rating.
    But the fact is: As WW you won't beat a mage, rogue, warrior, unholy-dk, feral or hunter who are equal geared and skilled & know how WW works.
    This only proves that you dont know how ww work. Only mages and hunters got upper hand and others dont have even change if both are equal skilled and geared.

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    Just gotta know what their toolkit is, when to pop your abilities, adapting to the situation whether it's 1v1 2v2 or 3v3, and being aware of any shifts in gameplay.

    I never have problems with ww monks if I've got abilities up or they're gonna be up during the duration of the exchange in a 1v1. Now... If I'm outta CDs and a monk with all their CDs engages me, I will probably die. Although, this would happen with any DPS class who knew how to wreck another player.

    I will say that Hunters are the most frustrating in arenas for me.
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    Great in 2s, very trainable in 3s after karma is down. Like a rogue with no cloak/vanish. They die in a stun pretty easy with a 10sec cc chain

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    WW are probably the best 1v1 class after mages, on mine frost mage is basically the only class that can beat me 1v1, warriors have come close, but once their CDs run out i pull through and win. I have come across a few good hunters that have kited me perfectly and dominated me. ret paladins have also given me some trouble with equal gear/skill as its probably the only melee with the same amount of self healing as WW, but ret has more burst.
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    Don't worry, karma will get them for playing OP classes.

    Oh wait no- they're monks. Karma gets you.

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    They are without a doubt the most broken class in bg's right now. Their mobility is just stupid along with the fact they can lock you out and gauranteed kill you with full pvp gear. Obviously skill plays no role in this, in arena it's not as bad, but just like end of cata with rogues this deserves some attention.

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    Stop attacking through Touch of Karma... 90% of the time when I see people in game complain about WW its cause they blow themselves up...
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    I think WW Monks are a pretty good example of how everyone should be. They have a well rounded tool kit and a pretty decent skill cap.

    Their healing is a little too strong though in my opinion.

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