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    Pay to win is a big one.

    Removing a race or class is another.

    increased sub fee.

    probably some other things I can't think of that would really kill my interest in the game.
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    Turned out it was disallowing flying for an extended period of time.

    Granted I was utterly underwhelmed by the wad that is WoD, such that I was already considering that my time with WoW might have finally been coming to an end, it was the no flying announcement that cinched it for me.

    I promised my guildmaster I'd stay apprised of what is going on with WoW (I was a guild officer after all) just in case things became interesting again to me, but I've already found other games to hold my attention and have no interest at all in ever returning to WoW. But, a promise is a promise so I'll spend entirely too much time reading everyone's opinions about the game

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    I don't think there is a deal breaker for me. I do hate some of the changes being made, but what can you do.

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    Gear with actual stats showing up in the store.

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    Good question OP.

    I already had a deal breaker moment when they removed the Naxx drakes, without, IMO (and remember it's only an opinion) sufficient time or warning given the luck/chance factors in the Immortal achievement. That actually made me quit WoW for a good while, until I read somewhere on a forum that the drakes will be back in via the BMAH (the plagued one anyway, but the bugger keeps getting gold capped), which made me re sub again.

    I would highly doubt Blizz will go down the pay-for win model, and I mean pay for win in the truest sense of the word (leveling is not pay to win, mount in store are not pay to win). The deal breaker for me is that I just have this nagging feeling that Blizz desire to satisfy the push into a e-sport crowd is actually stifling some creativity. More classes? we cant do that as we can't balance all the ones we currently have, More raids/dungeons? we can't do that as resource is being up by pvp etc etc. I think Blizz are getting themselves in a twist and are suffering under the weight of their own self created monster. So I guess the deal breaker for me would be is PvP started to affect PvE.

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    Don't know. We have seen a lot of shit that is hard to tolerate. The high costs of their measly and simple transactions of character server transfer, faction change, name change, etc etc.

    Their sub fee is fair, 1 month sub is solid for a game like this with this much content.

    P2W is def. a big deal for me. RIFT has gone there but to the case where only people with huge sums of cash can get epic gear in general.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH8472 View Post
    Pay to win, as in buying best in slot gear.
    That is NOT pay to twin. You can obtain the same gear ingame by raiding, even if they sold heroic warforged.

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    When I no longer enjoy playing the game. I could care less about other people buying gear, mounts, 90s, whatever. Blizzard can do what they want with their own game. As long as I'm enjoying my time playing, it's all good with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman-BladesEdge View Post
    Have you ever sat and given serious thought to what your dealbreaker would be in WoW? What is the one thing (or more than one if you are very picky) that made you/would make you quit the game and never resub?
    Nice thread. This is thread I should have made. xD

    My list:
    Continuously growing gaps between content
    Price Hikes
    No Flying (as in *ever* in new content, I like the mop system best)
    No new features/ too many rehashed features

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    Pay to win in the form of current-level gear or gold. I suppose I'd be annoyed if they sold stuff like t3 or corrupted ashbringer for IRL cash but that's not really pay to win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivis View Post
    Yes. I can still get 10+ hours per day of enjoyment out of WoW, which is hands down more than enough to justify the sub cost.

    Also, even if the sub fee would only be there to keep the F2P crowd out, I'd pay it without hesitation.
    And this is why blizzard gets away with going longer and longer between content patches.

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    Any deal breakers are pretty much on my end. If I ever feel like I can't keep up or there's too many buttons, maybe. If my internet sucks so bad that it's not doable any more.. things like that.

    I started out as a clicker and didn't know that was "bad". For a clicker, I was pretty good at what I was doing. Then I switched to how you're "supposed" to play, and I can't click any more but I'm not as good with the right way as I was with clicking, which must sound odd. I can handle ranged and maybe heals, but melee feels really uncomfortable now at higher levels.

    I don't type traditional style either. Thumbs on spacebar, two index fingers to type, and I still have to look. I think maybe playing WoW would be easir for me if I learned how to type.

    So yeah, I'm the deal breaker. I AM THE ONE WHO BREAKS.

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    As I can't see pay to win being an actual thing to be honest it's more likely that I'm the one that will change too much before the game does.

    Either I'll find a new game, get bored of MMOs entirely, or end up working somewhere that would prevent me from raiding.

    Whilst WoW has changed a lot, players have changed a lot more. I know I haven't played since launch, nowhere near. But consider this. What was going on in your life on November 23, 2004.

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    Quote Originally Posted by profanity79 View Post
    What if i told you that the dealbreaker has already occured, and you are just playing out of blind habit?

    Old habits die hard.
    I agree with you about habits - people are creatures of habit, and at times I have found myself logging in and just jumping squares instead of actually doing something with my spare time. I don't do that anymore, but I still play - I just make sure I log off when I'm bored/not doing anything.

    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    While it wasn't initially, my deal breaker now is the subscription. I've got no intentions to ever play again as long as it's got a subscription, unless they make all extra paid services and expansions included free. I can certainly afford all of it, but I'm tired of being milked, since no other game I play does that. I'm also tired of having to grind gear every single season over and over, so there's that too.
    So, I don't get this.
    If you didn't have to get gear each season/tier, what exactly do you do in-game in terms of progression? Just curious what idea(s) you have that would replace the current progress cycle, which is obviously a core part of MMO/RPG play.

    Making all extra paid services and expansions free is frankly a terrible idea, business-wise.
    Originally Posted by Tseric
    When you can understand how a group of belligerent and angry posters can drive away people from this game with an uncrafted and improvisational campaign of misery and spin-doctoring, then perhaps, you can understand the decisions I make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathayus View Post
    Good question OP.

    I already had a deal breaker moment when they removed the Naxx drakes, without, IMO (and remember it's only an opinion) sufficient time or warning given the luck/chance factors in the Immortal achievement. That actually made me quit WoW for a good while, until I read somewhere on a forum that the drakes will be back in via the BMAH (the plagued one anyway, but the bugger keeps getting gold capped), which made me re sub again.
    I have both the Plagued and Black Protodrakes and they have made me feel more connected to my character and give me more reason to keep playing. I've only completed Ulduar, ToT, and SoO since then but I would agree if they made each raid tier exclusive to when it is current content. Not only does it get people to actually do the content rather than sitting in a city saying they're bored, but it also makes that player feel closer to their character due to the history with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistahwilshire View Post
    seem like cheesy Unity 3D rubbish.
    You relly don't know much about Unity, do you?
    Quote Originally Posted by Novakhoro View Post
    I recommend shoulder surgery immediately... there's no way you didn't fuck it up with how hard you just reached.

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    The no flying for a potentially extended period of time is a big turn off for me.

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    I don't really know what it is. I feel like it's one of those things that I know when I see it or experience it and not before. Last time I quit wow for an extended period was DS; the ease of the raid caused most of my former guildies to quit early into the patch and with so long before MOP, most didn't come back.

    I did resub for MOP and work my way up guilds. In a respectable but not amazing 9/14 heroic raid guild atm, with an 8hr/week schedule. Having tons of fun, and looking forward to going into WOD with a raid group that has some level of skill, but more importantly a solid group dynamic and experience.

    Edited for clarity/spelling.

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    Hmmm I can'tsee a deal breaker. If my friends play it I'll probably play it. Heck I'm not particularly happy about it how it is right now. I only log on to raid and leave. I do enjoy raiding though.. so I guess that's ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T Man View Post
    I get your point and I understand your point but looking at the top level of raiding, this still stands as you can spend real $$ for in game gold (not by blizzard ofc) and use it to buy heroic ilvl gear.

    Not confused but thanks for your concern.
    And buying in game gold is against the rules...
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