So a few months ago i moved my main to a new server and on my old server i left engi, alch, mining, scribe, herb, leatherworking behind. I have 1 alt at 90 and started levelling 2 more alts. But idk what road to go down for professions on them this time (my main is jc/ench). I like alch for transmute spec to help my mains jc, engineering seems useless, scribe was to help my old guild with dmc's at the start of mop (can you be successful with just 1 scribe?). Im also looking for things to use crafting mats on. Since my main is ench every upgrade i get i get crafting mats but i just AH them, so should making a crafting prof be a smart idea?

Just thinking i could be smarter with my alt profession choices this time around, so i can get the most use out of all mats. What would you guys suggest? I know some go scribe on every alt with many alch's as well.