View Poll Results: What tank is the best at the moment for raiding?

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  • Brewmaster Monk

    25 33.33%
  • Blood Death Knight

    10 13.33%
  • Guardian Druid

    11 14.67%
  • Protection Paladin

    12 16.00%
  • Protection Warrior

    17 22.67%
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    Current best tank, in your opinion?


    Now that we got that outta the way, I'm curious on the communities thoughts of the best tank currently in WoW, as far as mitigation, ease to heal, etc and so forth.

    Currently, I feel like either Guardians or Death Knights are the current best, leaning towards Guardian.

    What do you guys think?

    P.S. If this is the wrong sub, please move to the proper one.
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    Monks are pretty damn strong when geared and skilled players play them.
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    The best tank is the tank with a great player behind them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    The best tank is the tank with a great player behind them.
    Exactly. Thank your healers.
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    Voted Guardian Druid because they have the most entertaining /dance.

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    Survival wise? I don't think I've ever died a single time on my prot Paladin in MoP, we are RIDICULOUSLY sturdy due to certain synergies which are horribly overpowered as to a point of being broken. The latest of these offenders might be Eternal Flame, which just goes apeshit at higher Vengeance.

    Damage / threat wise though, exact opposite. We hit like wet noodles compared to, say, prot Warriors.

    Taking the whole hyperbole out of it, though, there are certain differences between the classes, but nothing SO major as to single one of them out as "the best". Blizzard will just never ever be able to balance everything completely, because it is simply impossible. That said, they have been getting really close the last few years, so there isn't really that much disparity between the classes' potential performance.
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    As a pretty damn good Guardian Druid, I'll say Guardian Druid.
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    Prot warriors are king in 10/25m heroics at the moment.

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    Been playing a prot pally since Trial of the Crusader and haven't had any second thoughts about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    The best tank is the tank with a great player behind them.
    This is the obvious and best answer to this type of question.

    On topic, I guess I've favored BrM and blood DK the most this expansion. BrM strikes me as a very good execution of Blizz's "easy to learn hard to master" schtick, and blood just *feels* right, finally. I suppose I always felt like blood was just missing *something,* but I don't feel that anymore. BrM is easy to tank with while leveling, but once you take it into a raid environment gains a lot of depth. Well done, I think.

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    Warriors are absolutely the strongest tanks followed closely by Brewmaster Monks. But any tank is perfectly viable with someone good sitting behind the keyboard.

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    i am being bias and saying warrior. warrior has always been the tank i was best at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    Exactly. Thank your healers.
    If the best player is playing all 5 tanks with the same gear which class would be preforming the best?

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    BrM Monk followed by warrior, a skilled BrM monk is the best by far imo.

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    Play a blood DK myself, but i'm going with prot warrior.

    Compared to a DK they have higher passive mitigation, and their active mitigation basically prevents them dying to burst, which is the only real threat as a tank.
    They also have great utility both for the whole raid and their co-tank. Oh, and amazing mobility and good snap threat.

    The ONLY things they don't excel in is self healing (mitigated by the fact they take less damage to being with).

    2nd on the list would be BrM monks

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    War > Monk > Pala > Druid > DK

    I play all 5 with Monk being my main, followed closely by my war/pala.

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    I voted Prot Pally.

    As stated above, the amount of healing and group utility they have is just absurd. So is trying to examine every tank on a singular basis. The best tank is the one that works best with the group composition they're in. I find that the off-healing and life-saving capabilities of a Paladin vastly outweigh the slight loss in DPS, making them the best tank to me.

    Paladins and DKs both have very easy, streamlined rotations, imo. Mix that in with a plethora of cooldowns and it never feels like you're waiting too long to make a move. But, to me, a tank that can help his group the most fits with my idea of what a tank should be, and since DK cooldowns only affect them, this puts them a notch lower than Pallies on my list.

    I love Prot Warriors, but having their rage so dependent on smashing Shield Slam and Revenge on cooldown make it very clunky and annoying to me. I also feel the straight "#% less damage taken" buttons that the other tanks have just feel more powerful than Shield Block and Barrier. More control in the hands of the tank = better.

    I don't have much experience with Guardian and Brewmaster, so I can't really comment on them.

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    Maybe it's just been my rotten luck but I usually dislike getting Brewmaster Monks, they're just so squishy, or at least that's the feeling I get as a healer. Anyways I voted Blood Death Knight 'cause I've got one and OP healing, makes you feel kind of immortal.

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    Interesting to see so many voting for Brewmaster. I knew brewmaster was good, but I also know they take some amount of skill to play.

    Keep em coming!
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