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    Unhappy Arena bug?

    So i've been playing some arena recently, and have experienced what i would believe to be a bug. I try to attack people, and on my screen i stand ON TOP of them, yet it says that they're "out of range". When i shadowstep to the target, i actually end IN FRONT of the person (on my screen).

    Now the question, am i the only one who is experiencing this?

    NOTE: I play with a MS of 26 (world and home). Also playing with 100+ fps, so not sure how it could be a computer issue.

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    Probably your opponents lagging.

    Probably due to the new server merges, maybe their server is further.

    Do a war game with friends and try it with them standing still. If you step in front of them, then maybe you found a bug.

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    Blizzard's netcoding and lag compensation has become absolutely horrible with all of these bullshitty realm merges etc. It has affected PvP A LOT as well because there's a high chance you'll be fighting players who are from a very far country with high MS, which will fuck you up.

    In the meanwhile, you can compensate it by always trying to stay a bit infront of them on your screen.

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    Yeah, this can happen and really really screws over melee when it does. Sometimes I'll run Cloak and Dagger on my Rogue if I know the other team is lagging just so I can actually hit something. I do wish there were more auto-positioning mechanics that allowed melee to deal with this.

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    Guess its just a "deal with it" issue then, and nothing i can fix on my end. Well atleast im not alone!

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