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    Why are my spells so puny? :\

    So I just restarted pvp'ing after 2 years. I'm a little lost. I don't have any pvp gear yet but im a 497 ilevel geared pve mage but I find it abnormal that my spells hit for as little as 1k? Frostbolts which im generally not supposed to hard cast in pvp hit for like 2k

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    Do you have res sickness? >.>

    Link your character?
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    It's because of the new stat called "PvP Power" or lack of in your case. You'll do more damage when you get some pvp gear.

    PvP Power:

    PvP Power is an attribute that increases damage dealt and healing done to other players in PvP situations. It is the counterpart of PvP Resilience, which reduces incoming damage from players. PvP Power can be found on PvP-focused weapons and armor, and can also be added through enchantments and gems. PvP Power is part of the combat rating system.

    Described as "a stat on PvP gear to allow PvP gear to be better than the ilvl it shows"[1], PvP Power is not included in items' item level 'budgets', allowing PvP gear to provide additional bonuses for players in PvP compared to non-PvP gear of the same item level. This includes items scaled down by the PvP item level cap.

    Note that PvP power is only beneficial when attacking other players. For attacking monsters and bosses, attack power and spell power are the desired stats.
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    I know i'm not gemmed, etc.. >.> but still found it strange that I was hitting for so little but pvp power might do it!

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    Step 1: Go to Isle of Thunder, complete the scenarios (maybe 1-2 hours), do the dailies every day.
    Step 2: Buy the 476 Crafted Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity off the AH.
    Step 3: Buy 522 Shoulders, Helm. Save Honor until you hit 7250 for the season and buy weapon/oh.
    Step 4: Buy the Prideful Insignia of Dominance or Badge of Dominance (Proc or on Use) as soon as you have your first 1,750 Conquest.

    Buy this time, you'll be squishy but you'll be hitting MUCH harder - likely around the 35% PvP Power mark.

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    Frostbolt for 2k?

    Someone's being a little overdramatic

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    Well 2 things i can think of...

    The weapons give the most stat boosts. It might be holding you back a ton. Or you are hitting people with some sort of defensive up. Many people dont realise it unless they are running addons that tell them or show them in clear view.
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    Frostbolt for 2k?

    Someone's being a little overdramatic
    Not too big of a stretch when the guy's in greens.

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    Dude, you're in greens with the exception of a Timeless piece here and there with 0.00% PVP power, what did you expect?

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    Basically what people said, no gear = no damage. Everybody has 80% Resilience, and you have no PvP Power and a low ilvl. Not too surprising.

    A 2k Frostbolt seems a tad off, since that means your Frostbolt would normally hit for 10k, but it probably isn't far off. If you're exaggerating and it's actually like 5k or so I could definitely see that. Or if the person has a defensive CD up or something, yeah, sounds about right.

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