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You're the one speaking in absolutes, saying weapons don't matter at all, when they do. I never suggested they were the only factor to take into account.

From a gameplay perspective, there is no reason for any weapon restrictions in the game. Once everyone can use anything, will you still claim it doesn't affect class and spec homogenization?
It's like saying that what armor class you belong to determines your playstyle. Allowing all plate to be equivalent by shifting Str->Int does not homogenize HPallies and Prot Warriors. They are still completely and utterly different and in no manner does what you wear determine your rotation or class abilities.

If weapons were completely gone tomorrow what would change about the way you play a class? Nothing at all. That's what I'm talking about when I speak of homogenization. Weapon choice only separates classes from an aesthetic perspective.

But maybe this is getting a little too heated; on the grand scale of things, this doesn't even break the top 25 concerns of the rogue class going into WoD. Either way, I'm glad to see that other people still have passion for the class