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    So this guy i talked to ingame...

    Saw him and was like "oh grats for paying 66$ to boost a character to 90 when it would take like just a few days to be 90"

    And he replies with "err no this character was sitting at 85 forever i dont have time to play"

    So ok, 1-90 is understandable a little but 85-90 even after the experience nerf? Why even bother to play the game at all then? That money could have been gone to something much better.

    All i can say is grats blizzard, you always find ways to reel the money in.
    If he wants to buy a boost, then he will buy a boost.
    How is this of your concern?

    I am not seeing how this can bother you.

    Some players want to get into the end game and not being bothered by leveling. May they did level 7 or 8 chars already.
    I can understand that at that point you wanna skip leveling.

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    So you saw him in-game and you took it upon yourself to be rude and criticize how he spends HIS money? How does the fact that he spends HIS money on a 85 to 90 character boost affect your gameplay in any way? I really have a hard time understanding why you're actually complaining. It's his time and his money, it's got nothing to do with you.

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