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    Red face What's your favorite spec for Priest, Monk and Warlock? :P

    What's your favorite spec for Priest, Monk and Warlock? :P
    And what's not your favorite spec? Like for each of those classes.

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    Warlock, I change every x-pack...currently Destro
    Priest: Disc
    Monk: indifferent between brewmaster and Windwalker

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    Warlock: I change this up constantly. I love Warlocks but demo is too annoying with trinket procs and snapshotting having to be taken into account. When those aren't around, I love it. For Demonology I like "Dethklok - Mustakrakish." Specifically the long-version with the very Warlock-inspiring lyrics. (Otherwise if I'm playing Destruction I like "Arthur Brown - Fire" which overlaps with Fire Mage, obviously.)

    Priest: Shadow is thematically just wonderful. People like going for the whole "I'm a violent, hateful facemelter with dark powers of darkness!" For me, my Shadow Priests are more focused on the inescapable emptiness of existing and the malevolent loneliness that crushes them until they don't even see others as real anymore. For those I like to use "God Is An Astronaut - When Everything Dies."

    Monk: Windwalker above all else because it's just what I've always idolized. A fighter who looks at his enemies and says "I don't need to break their armor with a weapon. I don't need to protect myself with armor of my own. If I'm fast enough, they cannot hit me and I can always hit them. If I toughen my body enough, I can withstand blows that would otherwise kill a lesser warrior. I will use my bare hands to break those who would try and break me." I really enjoy Mistweaver but more as a healer and less as a thematic thing.

    Brewmaster is the only one I associate a song with and it's friggin Catgroove because One True Avoidance Tank!
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    Soothing Mist:"Healing them for a minor amount every 0.5 sec, until you take any other action."
    Jade Serpent Statue: "The statue will also begin casting Soothing Mist on your target. healing for 50% as much as yours. "
    [What's half of minor?]
    "Statue casts Soothing Mist at a nearby ally for toddler healing."

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    Warlock: I change her spec after a while, I'm destro right now but I'm partial to affliction.

    Monk: Mistweaver! It's a rather fun way to heal and my pandaren is the cutest thing I've ever seen after the Mantid.

    Priest: Shadow. 'Aw, look a priest, wait... something's wrong.' Then you proceed to Mind Blast everyone and everything. <3

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