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    Catching Up

    Quit (again) back when 5.2 rolled out, couple buddies are getting back into WoW yet again so Im joining along. One of the most daunting things when taking a break is all the new stuff that's around when you come back.

    So, is there some sort of comprehensive guide as to what to do up until the new expansion drops?

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    Don't think a huge amount was added since 5.2 (Half asleep at the moment at work, so I'm probably missing something), besides the Timeless Isle, which if you didn't even go to it already, there should of been a quest you got upon logging in to go to Chromie(?) and be ported there. Most of the Timeless Isle's fun comes from actually discovering stuff there though, so I'd suggest just wandering around and doing the few quests there, only tidbit that might be useful is most rare spawns there spawn 45 minutes to an hour after dying, and can be tagged by anyone like the Isle of Thunder. 5.3's content is basically removed at this point, it was just to assist Vol'jin in started in the rebellion.

    Could continue your questline for the legendary if you already started that, use the timeless isle to get 535s with the Burdens of Eternity, or go crazy trying to farm the rare pets on the isle. I dunno.

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    So I would assume it is the usual stuff getting ready for expansions... mostly make money.

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    I have some fairly bad news for you if you haven't been in 5.4 for very long, the Timeless Isle still has the issue where Rares have about 1/3rd the HP they'd need to survive more than 30 seconds against most groups and you're going to have to stay mounted and rush to each rare for a tag to even have a chance at getting the burdens you need. It's a despair inducing scenario but one you'll have to put up with if you want to gear faster than just doing LFR and logging out.
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